The Pope and Pres. Lincoln

The Pope and Pres. Lincoln QUESTION from Chrles on April 29, 2004

Are you familiar with the following web page page is by J. Michael Gainor.
What credence is there to the accusations that the Vatican was a conspirator in Lincoln’s assassination? It states President Lincoln was warned by letter by at least two individuals before the assassination to be on guard for his life against Roman ‘catholic’ assassins. Have you ever heard of Bernard Fresenborg an ex Roman Catholic Priest writing a book 30 Years in Hell where he states that the scheme to assassinate Pres. Lincoln was ..laid in the City of Rome by Roman Catholics? Another book Fifty Years in the Church of Rome by Charles Chiniquy who supposedly was a priest for 25 years and was an acquaintance of Pres. Lincoln and details the ?ultimate involvement of the Jesuits in the Lincoln assassination plot This site has gobs and gobs of web links, even links to the Library of Congress to prove their allegations. I know it’s a big website but had you ever hear this before? Your comments and God Bless.

ANSWER by Bro. Ignatius Mary, OLSM on April 30, 2004

Dear Chrles:
That website is a Catholic hate and bashing site. It can hardly be taken seriously.
In looking over the document, this bigot tells us the Booth was Catholic, that this person and that person was Catholic and somehow this means a Catholic Conspiracy.
This reminds me of anti-Semites who blame all financial troubles with banks owned by Jews.
Even if all the people involved with the Assassination of Lincoln were Catholic, that proves NOTHING. It has no more meaning that the fact the Jim Jones was a Disciples of Christ minister at one time. What Jim Jones did cannot be blamed on the Disciples of Christ denomination.
The idea that the Catholic Church was a conspirator in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln is patently idiotic born from the irrational minds of bigots making connections where there are none, performing logic that is non-existent, making up facts that do not exist, misinterpreting facts that do exist, and twisting is all by their little minds into the delusions typically found in the Grand Wizard of the KKK and similar organizations.
Thanks for letting me know about this site. I will include it on the website I am constructing called, The Anatomy of Hate. It will be listed as just another hate-site.
God Bless,Bro. Ignatius Mary

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