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by Catherine Frakas 15 Jun 2003

demons QUESTION from Susan December 8, 1999 A loved one of mine has a demon trapped in his life. It has been there since he was a child. A few people have seen it. Enough people are familiar enough with it that we call it by name (a name a friend of mine came up with in a dream). I won't mention it. I have lived with him and it for years now. He was raised an atheist, so any time any one has tried prayer to help him, he never believes it will work. Some people in his life have taught him that the Christian religion was merely a technique used to control the masses in the past, and due to their use of fear (of the wrath of God).....well, his logical mind believes it. In times of possession (those moments when even a devout atheist is so afraid he must call someone for help) he has tried to pray and call out to St. Michael, but it laughs at him, and hurts him worse. Why doesn't it work? Is it because he doesn't believe it will? This is not a joke. He/it has given me some of the most frightening times of my life....I've heard its voice in its language through the mouth of my loved one... I don't want it here anymore. Thank you for your site. Me, and obviously many other people appreciate those kind hearted enough to take their private time to help others.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on December 12, 1999 Dear Mrs. Susan:
Thanks for your question and please know that we are praying for your loved one in this time of trial.
As to why God does not heal when we pray for healing? Well, that about the providence of God and His will. Sometimes he heals and sometimes he doesn't. We can know that whether He answers a prayer for healing or not, that He decisions are ALWAYS in the best interest of His children.
In terms of the specific afflition of demons, God often does not remove the demon right away. Who knows why for sure, but one reason can be to teach us (the demonized person and the rest of us) something about the nature of evil and the providence of God.
In terms of being released from the evil spirits, there is only one way -- conversion to Christ.
If your friend is not willing to convert to the Christian faith and to live that faith in devotion to our Lord, then there is not much we can do.
Only conversion and devotion to Christ can hope to keep the devils away.
Jesus one time said that if we rid a person of demons and leave the house empty, the demons will only come back and this time come back with more wicked demons.
When demons are cast out, the Holy Spirit must fill the void. This is why when people come to me asking to be delivered from demons, if they are not willing to dedicate themselves to Christ in conversion and devotion, then I tell them there is nothing I can do for them, other than to pray for their openness to convert.
Perhaps this is happening as an opportunity for you to be like St. Monica -- to perservere in prayer for the conversion of your friend. In this way, he will be delivered indeed.
We will be in prayer for him, and you.
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