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Spiritual Warfare 101 QUESTION from Mrs. H October 12, 1999 Dear Host & Forum Readers:
This is a follow-up to John-Paul's answer to Drew, who is considering becoming a front-line spiritual warrior. Please do heed John-Paul's advice. I can tell you from personal experience that satan will lay traps for you that you will never have imagined. My dear, dear friend was very active in this kind of work and has now left the Church, totally convinced that it is the right thing to do.
Know your Faith and know legitimate Catholic prophesies. It seems that satan is really using this y2k thing against us (Catholics). While there are legitimate concerns and very serious Church-approved prophesies concerning warnings, chastisements, etc,. there are others that will try to lead you away from the Church and the Holy Father.
Drew, I will include you in my Rosary intentions. God Bless and Protect.
Mrs. H., MI
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on October 12, 1999 Dear Mrs. H.
Thank you for your followup.
One additional thing needs to be said. While Satan will lay all sorts of traps, IF God wants a person to be the commando warrior, then that person better do it.
We must follow God's will for us.
However, know that one will be tested. If one cannot get through the traps of Satan, then that person must back off.
No matter what happens God is by our side.
If one does pass the test, the life of a commando warrior will continue to be one of trial and suffering, maybe until death. It is not a vocation for the light of heart.
This is one reason I constantly ask for prayers. As a commando warrior myself I am attacked daily by forces seen and unseen. It never stops.
Without the prayers of hundreds of people all over the world, I could not make it.
Pray for the commando warriors. Pray for Priests and bishops. Pray for Religious. Pray for the Pope. All these groups are attacked in special ways by Satan.
God Bless.
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