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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Transformations?

by Catherine Frakas 25 Sep 2002

Transformations? QUESTION from Mija H. on January 31, 2003 Hello, I have just recently sent a question, but my overall reply was that it was disjointed. I do agree and apologize. However, I will attempt to question this again.
My mother was in a locational facility (similar to hospital) that holds the dying- Hospice. She was fighting breast cancer and she was in the very last phase of death. She was given just 48 hrs. to live. Her body was shutting down. I emphasize these facts. She had lost all movement. She could NOT swallow, eat,take any medicine (several days since last dose of pain medicine which is all they give their patience). No IV was given, hospice found it pointless. She literally laid there in almost non-conscience state. My mother lay there for days in this mental and physical state. She knew nothing. She had began the death rattle which is consistant with those on brink of death.
My brother and myself was with her on a thursday night from 6 to 12. Mostly reading the scriptures and praying. My mother had not moved one single muscle (accumilated bed sores in process) since monday of that very same week. Around 11 that night my sister had brought a friend with her to see mother. As soon as they entered the room suddenly my mother sat straight up in the bed and stared at my sisters friend (ill call julie) eye to eye & suddenly started screaming at her in a different voice.(My mom's voice but many years younger). My mother said things like ->I cant see you Turn your lights on, you have gotten one but your not getn them all, I know what YOU are , your a black hole,((screaming very loudly)) ordering my brother to put restraints on her, she was going to kill mom. Now, my brother asked my mother who was she talking too and my mom screamed and got on her knees (physically impossible) moved t0 the end of the bed and pointed her finger in julie's face and screamed JULIE.
Julie ran outside panicking. Mom started sweating and heavy panting telling us she could see him looking through the door at her for us not to let him see her. (refering julie as a man). Julie had told me that she knew why my mom done this. She (julie) had explained to me that she had been into serious occult acts and worship. She worshiped satan, and that she felt she had literally sold her soul to satan. Therefore, she gets anything she wants. MY MOM DID NOT KNOW THIS!
The RNs that had witnessed this episode were frightened. They also explained to me this was common in places that held the dying. They called it transformations. Where the spirit has one foot in the spiritual world and the other foot in the physical world therefore, they see all that is in the air. They also stated that the dying's spirit feels the need to protect its spirit from all evil. (if person is saved)
Have you ever researched this topic or heard of such? I have not but they assure me that its spiritual warfare at its high point because the person's spirit is so close to death. This particular episode has brought (i think ) attacks on my family. Its turned me around.
* i would like to add. During this incident i felt like going to my knees uncontollably. (The nurses had said there was no medical reason to explain this I particulary had asked them that)
I need your oppinion. Your guidance at this point. Understanding. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 7, 2003 Dear Mija:
Well, I do not think we should read into this more than there is.
Firstly, even though your mother may have been incapacitated, it would not be the first time that such a person defied the medical convention and sit up, walk, etc. In otherwords, the fact that your mother made such movements that were suppose to be impossible, does not imply anything supernatural.
As for the insights your mother had about Julie, it is possible that she perceived Julie's occult involvment and saw Julie's soul not in a state of grace (black hole comment indicates this).
I do not think anything more should be made of it.
As for the phenomena you believe is happening to you and your family this may be psychgenic (that is, you may be psyching yourself out because of the experience you witnessed). Or perhaps since the darkness in Julie that has been exposed now, demons are becoming more overtly active -- perhaps as a form of revenge.
I would advise living the Christ-life as best as you can, praying, attending Church regularly, etc. There are prayers in the Spiritual Warfare Catalog linked below that may be helpful to you.
God Bless.

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