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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Are we being attacked by demonic spirits?

by Catherine Frakas 02 Oct 2002

Are we being attacked by demonic spirits? QUESTION from M. Hernandez on January 20, 2003 My mother fought a battle of breast cancer for 8 years. In the last few days of her battle she had lost all use body movement due to weakness. She couldn't even swallow,talk,open her eyes,eat, she was starving--no medication at all was given. She was shutting down literally due to the cancer. I was told by Rn that they had given her just 24 to 48 hrs to live.
(My sister is a lesbian and her lover never spoke of her spiritual beliefs or faith. Never.) At this particular time my sister was not even aware of her lover's faith. Hospice had called and explained mom was going down quickly to get up there. My brother and myself left to be with her immediatly. She was literally dying before our eyes. She could not even lift her hands or her head to look at us. My brother and myself was by her side at 6 pm. and stayed until 12am..
My sister and her lesbian lover walked through the curtain to come into moms room.. and suddenly my mother sat straight in her bed and looked at my sis's lover. My mother spoke in a much younger voice and said i can't see yo uyou need to turn your lights on she went on and started screaming at the lover of my sister. asking her Did you hear what i said to you!? You have gotten one but you are not taking them all my mom said. My mother kept repeating things like put him ( refering to my sis's lover as a male) in tights (restraints) begging my brother to tie her down.
My mother went on to say that this lover of my sis's had tried to kill her and was attacking her trying to suffocate her. (refering to this lover as a male again). THe nurses had to calm my mom down. She kept screaming to us that this lover was a black hole and she was taking us down with her. Repeating she could see her lights. The nurses acted frightened. We were all frightened.
My sis's lover left the room to go to the balcany (nervously). My mother was still screaming i can see him looking at me through the door. My brother asked my mom who was she talking to and my mother jumped literally to her knees ( dont know how she got the strength when she could not even swallow for 3 days)and shouted extremely loud the girls name... I had stepped outside feeling like i had just experienced somthing I was not suppose to. Assuming there was an explanation. I walked up to this girl and she looked at me and said do you why she said those things? I responded I dont know she said she knew why.
She explained to me that she had no faith in GOD but believed in a higher power. SHe went on to say that she felt she had sold her soul literally to satan. She could get anything she wanted and things always worked out for her. I said to her Its not everyday that GOD gives a photo in color to unbelievers,usually its in black and white. ( there is more to this story im trying to be cut it some) she got lost going home that night for 4 hours. the roads took her no where she said.
{ My father had battled the demon of alcoholism for 41 years and landed in the hoptial the next day 6x lethal alcohol poisening. (never seen before at this hospital) 3x coma. But he was ok. Drs. were baffeled. My father walked out of the hospital clean and for three months he did not drink a drop. dry.He had turned his life over to Jesus in the year before but battled strongly with the alcohol. I found him deceased in his bed 2 months later unexpectedly and only 2 months after my moms death}. {my husband lost his job the day after i found my father}. {All four of my daughters have been in hospital with something serious such as menningitus, scoliosis,appendicitus, heat stroke- just to name a few since my fathers death}.
My sister is having sleep paralysis but with extreme body possession of demon she says. Its a sexual demon. It comes in different forms she says. It throws her off the bed and she finds her self jumping on the bed looking in the mirror while its in her she has no control. She said it has relations with her while she has this sleep paralysis. Now, I was washing dishes and a 4 ft long black snake crawled at the back of my legs ( i thought it was my pet rabbit) i turned and it was a snake. For some reason i was calm i knew i was being attacked. We don't dont know where it came from or how it got in. I have had things appear at my bed at night i assume they are evil because of the overwhelming fear i have. Unearthly fear, almost inhumane. the snake did not scare me like these things i see and I see them. I have had feelings about certain people in my past and i wouild pray for them like my sis's lover or this particular child i wonder about sometimes. but what is going on its overwhelming.
Are we being attacked or is it just bad happenstanc? Please I feel i need some form of direction. I do have my faith and i pray heavily.. maybe reassurance. GOD bless.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 27, 2003 Dear Mrs. Hernandez:
I am sorry, but your story is rather disjointed and it is hard to get a grasp on it.
Briefly as best as I can from what I can understand of this story, your mother's behavior may be explained through medical means to some degree, but I take tell what is going on so I really can't say much.
As for the sister experiencing a sexual demon, such things do occur, but there are medical possibilities too.
If your sister is concerned about this have her go to the link below for some information on how she can help herself, or if that does not work, to contact us for assistance.

For Assistance with Spiritual Warfare problems please go to our How We Can Help You page. Back to Index Page

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