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Demons reacting to our thoughts QUESTION from LeeAnn on December 19, 2002 Can evil spirits read and react to our thoughts. I have been involved in much spiritual warfare over the last several years. Now it seems that when I am praying, not out loud, but in my mind, I will be attacked when praying for someone else or even when mentally and in my heart uniting myself with the Lord. These attacks happen at a specific moment and it seems, in response to a specific thought/prayer, which can either be for myself or as intercession for someone else.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 24, 2002 Dear LeeAnn:
Demons cannot read our minds but they can see that you are praying and may try to disturb you.
I also believe that we are protected when offering verbal petitions as well.
But, in terms of what has been taught by the Saints, demons (nor angels) and read our minds.

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