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Spiritual Warfare Forum: fighting against evil

by Catherine Frakas 29 Oct 2002

fighting against evil QUESTION from David on December 6, 2002 Hi Bro John-Paul Ignatius and Mr. Joe Meineke! I am grateful to you both for providing such a fantastic website. For a few months now, i have been searching for some 'guidance' as i feel I have most certainly been going through a spritual attack. Just as my 'gas' was running out, and my car was about to come to an abrupt stop, I have stumbled across your gas station, and have filled myself with some of your lovely gas to go on with my journey. Stupid simily, i know, but it is true.
I will try to explain. I am in my early twenties, and have since birth been brought up in a loving Roman Catholic family. I have been baptised, had my first Holy communion and been confirmed. Have gone to a R-Catholic school, run by the Brothers of St Columba. I have always 'known' that Jesus exists. I know that is strange, but I really have never doubted that, although my faith, in terms of prayer and living the life Jesus wants for me, has never been perfect. I have strayed. I also realise that Satan is very 'real' and is trying so hard to bring everyone down with him.
I feel that in the past few months and couple of years, I have been subjected to perhaps the hardest bouts of evil. In 2001 I had a car accident, in which I was speeding and collided with a motorcyle rider, killing him. It was completely my fault. The man could not have been more innocent. I walked out unscathed, and the first thought that came into my mind was that I had been possessed or simply that 'evil' had worked through me to create this crash. This was a very strong feeling. I was a very confident driver, with years of never experiencing a crash. However that night, i felt urged to speed unnecessarily, and thats what happened. After the crash I felt numb, I couldnt remember things clearly. I felt sorry for what I had done, but could not 'feel' my true emotions. I had just killed someone. It didnt feel like I had killed someone, and maybe that is why I could not have the proper emotions. I know you maybe thinking I was in Shock - maybe, maybe not. Even now, I have not felt those emotions. In this time, I was put on the front page of the newspaper, and made to look like the most evil person in history. I was not evil, I was a young man who always helped people, did charity events etc. I would never hurt anyone. I would sacrifice myself first. It was at this time, that I felt so low. I contemplated suicide. My world just seemed to exist no longer. People looked on me in a different light. I prayed to Jesus and Mary, and I felt that they were with me. They gave me hope, even though there seemed none. I risked losing everything, my fiancee and family. For the time before my accident, I realise now, I had strayed from Jesus, and lived a more selfish outlook in life, caring for myself above others. Perhaps I had given Satan a stronghold in my life. I was now facing a possible 10 years in prison. I lost so much weight in the time that I waited for court. I became weak. But i prayed at night, and tried to think about something other than the thoughts of gloom in my mind. I prayed the rosary and asked Jesus for help. 'Footprints' was always at the forefront of my mind. Many of my parents friends (who are really strong believers) prayed for me. The result was that I was given a seriously low sentence. A sentence so low, it almost seemed impossible. I was on my way to prison, and all I could feel was an immense feeling of Love from the Lord, and a thought of, you've been given a second chance, - make something of it! In prison I thought of Jesus everyday, and tried to help some of the other misguided individuals. There are so many people in prison who want to change, but do not know the true way. Believe me.
Well anyway, a few months later,my sister started going to a Spiritualist because she had just lost her job and wanted some guidance (wrong i know, and ive stopped her going). The medium told her about a man being present who had been in some sort of accident. The medium also said that there had been problems with the steering in my car. My sister suggested that I go along to the psychic to find out more. I really did not know much about psychics (compared to what i do now). I knew it wasnt advised or supported by the church, but I didnt give it any thought at all. So i went. The medium told me things extremely accurate about myself. It was interesting at the time. He came onto the subject of my crash, and said that he felt 'no bitterness from the man'. A couple of weeks later, we went to another psychic who seemed even more accurate. He told me the name of the man who had died in the accident, and again that he felt no bitterness. He told us that me and my sister had some psychic ability, and tried to do something called spiritual transfiguration (i think). I thought i saw the face of my grandad/grandma in his face. At the end of the session he then told us that we should think about spiritual development classes. We though wow - it would be great. I came home, surfed the net and found out the other side of channelling and how it was basically a telephone to Satan. I quickly ended thoughts on pursuing development classes. So anyways that was about a month ago. Since then I have been surfing the net and finding out more about spiritality/occult every day. I felt drawn back into its mystery. I found out about the chakras and meditation. I started meditating and trying to have out of body experiences. I played with a pendulum and dowsing rods. Just writing this down, makes it clear to me how much i was getting involved. Well anyway I felt that this was wrong, yet i had this urge to carry on. I felt that i was directed to websites encouraging this activity. I decided to do something with meditating. I meditated for half an hour and asked my dead grandad/grandma and any other 'good' spirits to come and show themselves to me. The strange thing was, I was recording this meditation, with a cam-corder. (as i know ghosts/spirits can sometimes show up on camera). Well, anyway, after half an hour, i watched myself meditating on tv, and about 5 mins into it, there seemed to be a mist forming around my body infront of the camera. The longer i meditated, the more it got mistier. It got to a point near the end of the meditation that i could barely see my face. It had a dark blanket of darkness in front of it. The camera started zooming in and out trying to autofocus. Well as you can imagine this scared me a little. Later that night i felt really scared and prayed to Jesus to surround me with angels. I felt better straight away. So anyway I said to myself that i wouldnt do any of that any more. Yet i came across more urges to do so. I came across a site about the book 'seth speaks.' I came close to ordering it online, but have resisted the urge. I know this book is extremely wrong and encourages channelling. I kept coming across sites on channelling, and the occult and about seth. I wanted to get away. It was at this point that i came across your site. And I thank you for that. I have prayed non stop and am currently fasting today on bread and water. Im serious about wanting to get rid of this evil around me. I have taken all rods/pendulum/video tape and destroyed them. I do not want any trace of that stuff around me.
Anyway my questions are really as follows (sorry its taken so long):
(1) Will i have let any demons out. Will praying 'completely' rid me of these negative energies? Could i be possessed to some 'small' degree?
(2) Am I still allowed to go to church (ive killed someone) although not on purpose - and receive the body and blood of christ.
(3) Have you ever read seth speaks? what have you gathered about it? From my understanding it is apparently about all the workings of the supernatural/natural, written by an entity through a medium, through her interaction with a ouiji board. Anything written through a ouiji board cant be trusted in my opinion. (direct contact with Satan).
(4) do you think its a good idea to go to some of those spiritualist site and try and warn people of occult problems. I have tried to do this with one site, but had some of my postings deleted.
One last thing, please may you pray for me. I feel I am giving evil a good fight.
Thanks for your help! You may feel it necessary to edit some of the details here, I dont want naive readers to try out some of what i have done, e.g. meditating with the camera, playing with pendulums etc.
Sorry for writing so much, but I have so many more thoughts which I have held back also to keep it to this length. Please persevere with your site even though you may be attacked by new agers and distracted by the unknown. You are doing a wonderful work on behalf of Jesus! I pray for God to give you strength! If it wasnt for you, I would be trying some type of channelling right now.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 23, 2002 Dear David:
Thank you for writing and sharing your experiences. I praise God that you KNOW that these things are evil. The problem is to deal with the temptation and bondage. When one involves themselves in the devil's games a bondage occurs. The more the involvement, the stronger the bondage. Through the Sacraments of the Church, personal devotion, living the good Catholic life, etc. and perhaps with the help of a deliverance counselor if needed, that bondage can be broken. That is the answer to your first question.
Involving yourself in the things you have done may have given you bondages and dialobical attachments. Praying, the Sacraments, and living a devotion life may rid you of the bondages and attachments. If it doesn't you may need to get the assistance of a deliverance counselor.
I would also recommend you to the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog listed below. You should find prayers there that you can adapt to your situation.
As to your other questions:
No matter what you have done you must go to Mass. Even if one is barred from the Eucharist they STILL need to attend Mass at least each Sunday. It is sin to not attend.
The real question is whether you can receive the Eucharist. The answer is yes, if you are in a state of Grace. To get in a state of Grace you need to go to Confession BEFORE taking the Eucharist.
As to the Seth Speaks, Seth is a demon. Do not walk, but RUN from these books. If you have these books or any other occult literature or material destroy them.
As for visiting spiritualist sites DO NOT DO THAT. You are not in the position to do that. Doing so would be like an alcoholic who has been sober for only a few weeks going into a bar.
You need to focus on your own healing at this time.
We will certainly be in prayer for you.
God Bless.

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