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knights templars QUESTION from Sir Marcus on November 7, 2002 So why were the Knights Templars surrpressed? The real Reason? The knights didnt become afilliated with the free masons the became the free masons to survive unjust persecution from the cathlic church. after the were tracked down and tortured by the church. Many of our brothers were put to death by the church and for what?? money that the church assumed they had and the church wanted.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 15, 2002 Dear Mr. Marcus:
This question has already been thoroughly answered. This is not a debate forum and debate will not be allowed.
Refer to the information from a few days ago for the REAL REASON the Templar were suppressed.
But, I will make a couple of comments.
1) the Church does not, and never has, killed anyone. The penalty for heresy, schism, rebellion, or anything else is censure or excommunication, not death.
2) the Templar's DESERVED to be and were JUSTLY suppressed and were not persecuted. The fact that they refused to get their act together and instead continued in arrogance and rebellion even to the point of linking up with the devilish group the Masons proves that lack of Christianity of the Templars.
3) your attitude and historical revisionism is a poster-boy example of why the Templars were suppressed.
I will pray for your soul and pray that you will be enlightened to the Truth.

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