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With Reference to the 666 beast QUESTION from Matthew Hart on August 28, 2002 Hello I was just wondering if you could help me on two issues. Firstly with reference to the 666 beast it the number of satan really 666 because i read theat when it appeared to Daniel in a dream it was 666 but i have been told by a priest that dreams always appear upside down and back to front so that the number is 999.
Secondly i have read numerous accounts of what the 666/999 beast looks like and i was just wondering if you could help be out as i am interested in studying eschatology at university.
Matthew Hart Australia
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 30, 2002 Dear Dr. Hart:
The number 666 refers most likely to Ceasar Nero whose name in Hebrew add to 666 or in some manuscripte 616. The Beast is a syumbol for regimes which reject God and put man on a pedestal. This is all referring to the Roman Empire and its Emperiors. The popular perception of 666 being the Beast that will be revealed in the end times (the mark of the beast) and all that comes from Fundamentalist Dispensationalism.
As far as dreams always given numbers upside down, that is a first for me. Never heard of such a thing.

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