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Candy QUESTION from Debbie on June 30, 2002 Hi Brother J.P.,
Peace be with you.
I have a very strange question that you can probably help me with, because if anybody would know Satanic symbols it would be you. Years and years ago my sister and I used to eat candy called fireballs and sourballs, and my sister recently got some for us again for old times' sake.
I noticed some strange symbols on the wrappers that I think are occultic. They include those jagged Satanic S's, that look like lightning bolts, and a horse shoe with jagged edges. An evil-looking little boy holds up his hands with his fingers held strangely. I am not sure how to ask my sister to never buy those things for me again, but I feel wrong to accept any more from her.
Also, I got a book from a friend recently - a kind of notebook - with a picture of God and the Holy Family on the cover (the child Jesus and His parents). God is depicted with a triangle over His head, and I hope that it is not subtly occultic. It could represent the Trinity, but it could also be a symbol of Egyptology. Do you think it is all right to keep the book?
I'm sure you can help me out, and I thank you for doing so.
Our Lord be with you, Debbie
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2002 Dear Debbie:
Without seeing the candy wrapper it would be impossible to make a comment really. The symbols may relate to the common theme in cartoons these days of superheros and stuff. These cartoon heros are not proper for Catholic kids to watch. They do represent new age and occultic philosophies and such. But as to this candy wrapper, who knows?
As for the book, the triangle is a symbol of the Trinity. No problem there.

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