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could I need an exorcist QUESTION from teresa on June 27, 2002 Dear Bro John Paul, About 6 weeks ago I began feeling bad and a doctor said I had a grapefriut size pelvic mass. The ultra sound indicated it wasn't cancer, but the cat scan indicated it was. Because of insurance issues this hasn't been addressed, and they are sending me to a another dr in two weeks. Meanwhile the alien has grown and I look 4 months pregnant, even though I have gone from 104 to 99 lbs since this all started. I work in youth minstry in my parish and have been preparing kids for WYD for the past year. 44 of us are going on July 21. someone suggested that the alien is the result of a curse that may have been put on me and that I need to be exorcised. Is that possible? I try to stay close to Jesus thru prayer and sacraments, haven't knowingly involved myself in anything occult. Our bishop hasn't conferred the power of exorcism to any priests in our diocese. Can't any priest exorcise? God Bless, Teresa
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 8, 2002 Dear Teresa:
I am sorry to hear about the medical problems. We will pray for your.
I presume, howver, you are calling this mass an alien in humor?
The mass in your body I am sure will be taken care of by the doctors. Medical problems do not require an exorcism, they require a doctor.
Whoever told you that this medical problem is a result of a curse is off their rocker. While it is possible for curses to effect physcial problems, how does this person have knowledge of such a curse? AND FURTHER this person does NOT know what they are talking about since curses are not possession and thus need no exorcism. YOU ARE NOT POSSESSED.
Any even if there were a curse, the medical problem still needs to be taken care of medically.
There are prayers in the SW Prayer Catalog linked below that you can pray if you believe a curse has been placed upon you. Such prayers should take care of any curse and the doctors will take care of the mass in your body.

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