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Kathleen Keating QUESTION from Brian Boru on April 22, 2002 Dear Brother,
I am preparng to enter into postulancy with the OFM's in August. I have the greatest respect for you work and knowledge of the Church. I wondered to how I could respond to a website thats bugging me.
The site is http://www.thefinalwarning.com. Its run by an author named Kathleen Keating who is a big advocate for this Bible Code foolishness and says among other things that Mass prior to Vatican 2 is invalid. This drives me nuts! I wrote her publisist a gentle letter asking that if they plugged their computer into Gone with the Wind or any other long book, would't they get the same result? Needless to say I never got an answer.
I'm just concerned that the site has the potential to lead well meaning faithful astray with its nonsense. Forgive my reluctance to sign my real name.
Please Advise, Brian Boru
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 19, 2002 Dear Brian:
There is little you can do directly. People like that will not listen to the truth. Jesus tell us to walk away from those who will not listen.
But you can warn others about her site and you can pray for her and for those who may be dupped by her material.
We are compiling a list of sites that cannot be recommended. We will put this one on the list.
God Bless.

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