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Spiritual Warfare Forum: I was raped by a man who was possessed

by Catherine Frakas 22 Feb 2001

I was raped by a man who was possessed QUESTION from Amanda on March 27, 2002 I am not a Catholic but I am writing to you for advice. I have had a few minor technical difficulties so please excuse me if this isn't the first copy you have received of this letter. I have read some of your answers and believe that you will answer honestly and sensitively.
Seven years ago I was engaged to a man who was nice enough in himself but he had a history of the occult, he admitted to having had one exorcism but had tampered with the occult again afterwards. One day when I visited him he was acting very oddly as if he had been taken over by something (which he had), instead of his normal happy go lucky self he was cold and cruel, he didn't even look himself. He locked the door then raped me. Afterwards he told me I was pregnant and to go home. The next time I saw him I told him what he had done and questioned him because it wasn't like him at all. He couldn't remember doing it.
Two months later I found I was pregnant. He said it wasn't his and accused me of sleeping around. When I reminded him of that day he called me something I wouldn't repeat. He took another turn where he locked me in for months and tried to kill me on several occasions.
I had the baby and brought the child up on my own. I love the child dearly. I later accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour and I'm getting deliverance, also my child is baptised. There is just one thing that haunts me. Who is the father of the child? The man I was engaged to or the thing that occupied him?
Thank you so very much for your help it is greatly appreciated.
God Bless You.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 20, 2002 Dear Amanda:
I am so sorry to hear of your situation. It is certainly a trial to endure, but with God all things will work out eventually for those who love Him.
Rape is a terrible thing, an aweful thing. My primary concern is that steps are taken to ensure that there was no demonic transferance from the rapist to you. It sounds like that is begin taken care of in that you later converted and sought deliverance for yourself.
I would also recommend that you pray prayers to break the bonds of all ancestral sins, and expecially to pray that for your child, on behalf of your child. When the child is old enough then he too should pray the prayers of renunciation of ancetral sins. This is to break the bonds of the sin of the father.
You may also want from time-to-time topray prayers to break curses on behalf of yourself and your household and child. Your child when old enough may want to do this from time-to-time also. I mention this because of this man's involvement.
As for WHO the father of the baby is? The father is the man who raped you. The father is not the devil, if that is what you are thinking. This is not a case of Rosemary's Baby.
But given the nature of this man, I would be careful, of course, to not associate with him or anyone of his acquaintances ever again, and to prayer the prayers I mentioned. You can find these prayers and others that might be useful in the Prayer Catalog linked below. You can modify the prayers in the Catalog to suit your situation.
God Bless, and we will be praying for you and for your child.

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