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my sleep is being invaded QUESTION from deeply concerned on November 1, 2001 last night was the last straw. about 10 times I have had the experience where I am awaken from sleep but cannot move or speak or even open my eyes, and I know that I am at least semi concious, because, I can sence that time exists. I always am able to shake out of it within a few moments. sometimes I think to pray and othertimes I am too petrafied. However last night it happened again, but was slightly different, I felt as if I was in a totally different dimention. everything was pitch dark there were no physical bounderies and I felt as if my eyes were open, but I could not speak, I tried desperatly to cry out, but to no availe. I then felt something around me, and herd deep laughter for a few seconds, the feeling was so intence. It was much more than the usuall fear of the unknown or having no control I honastly felt a heavy evil presence. Anyway when I shook out of it I was facing the wall in my room and was joyfully thankfull to be fully concious again. I have full faith in God, but why is happening so much, I am nervous to even fall asleep. what can I do to prevent this from happening!!!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on February 10, 2002 Dear Mr. Concerned:
Part of your experience is probably what is called cataleptic somnambulism with a sensed or visual phantasmic perception. This is when one wakes up before the body is ready to wake up during REM sleep.
On the other hand, this is also a time that the enemy can attack us. Why? Well, just because. Evil is often arbitrary. But also because the purpose of the devil is always to disrupt good Christians.
There is a bedtime prayer of protection located in our Spiritual Warfare Catalog. You may try that before you go to bed.
Also, if this happens and you sense a dark presence, just repeat, In the name of Jesus Christ, Father take this thing away from me. If you are not able to speak, say the prayer in your mind.

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