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Reiki QUESTION from Simon Adams August 6, 2001
I am a born again Christian who has chosen the Catholic Church. In my spiritual re-birth I went through some occult philosophies. I have learned to be very careful with regards to these and warn people about the dangers of going to mediums and Tarot card readers etc. because they are by definition recieving power from more than dubious forces.
My question, however, is related to Reiki. When I was first introduced to Reiki my first concern was the source of its power. I have read your replies on this subject and, whilst I realise the ease with which evil can fool us and thus the need to be careful, it seems to me you have erred too far on this side. Saying that practitioners are praying to demonic spirits whilst treating you is at best paranoid and at worst what led to Jesus' crucifiction. Can you quote me any words from scripture to support your view? Can this gentle form of healing which invites the creators light to heal and restore men really be so far from Jesus ?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 27, 2001 Dear Mr. Adams:
I am not going to rehash this argument. Reiki is not of God and no Catholic (or non-Catholic Christian) has any business being involved with it. Why? read the previous answers!
I make a correction of your comments however. I did NOT say that practitioners, that is ALL practitioners, are praying to demonic spirits. I said you DON'T KNOW who they are praying to when they are working on you. Such things are done silently and thus you cannot know what they are doing silently to themselves. This is a FACT not an opinion.
I know for a FACT that some practitioners are praying to spirits. I was a practitioner of chinese massage, acupressure, and Shiatzu and I did in fact pray to spirits silently to myself while working on a client. And I had friends that were involved in about all aspects of this stuff, incluing Reiki, that did the same. This is not opinion, but fact.
Fact is not paranoid. Fact is fact. Do ALL practitioners do this? No, but many do. And you won't know it if and when they do it.
As for my comments being liken to that which led to Jesus' crucifixion? -- Talk about paranoia and being on the side too far. Such an anology is assinine.
And for quoting scripture. Quote on what, dear. Quoting that Reiki is not of God? Quote me where the Bible says that Reiki is of God?
I don't think your understanding of the faith (Protestant or Catholic) is quite off the ground yet. You are still thinking like a new ager, and you are thinking like a Protestant.
We will pray that your understanding will mature and be full so that you will not be hoodwinked by new age blather, and your mind and spirit come to a complete understanding as a Catholic.
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