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Exorcism Prayers QUESTION from Anon August 3, 2001 Why was A simple exorcism for priest and or laity...parayers against satan and the rebellious angels discontinued?
(I/others pray it anyhow and it is working in our lives in wonderous ways to curb the power of satan and sometimes preventing it from doing any harm.)
What is the Church's problem with this/these prayers? Only courious- will continue to go with what God seems to have working for me.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 27, 2001 NOTE: I am posting this question under Anonymous because the question needs to be answered as it reflects the arrogant and rebellous attitude of many a Catholic.
I had originally sent this question back to the person because she did not leave her name, but a handle of oneHolySpirit, and Ms. oneHolySpirit to boot. Such a handle, calling oneself Holy Spirit is, in my view, blasphemous. I asked the women to re-submit using a real name.
By the way, we will never use Ms on these Q & A forums or anywhere on our Website. Ms is a desgination invented by feminist as an affront to God's created order and economy. The titles Mrs. and Miss are the acceptible terms.
Anyway the response from the women, which reflects the typical abuse this apostolate receives on a nearly daily basis, was:
Indeed, we all have the Holy Spirit within and therefore, yes I AM one Holy Spirit of many. I will NOT resubmit anything now or ever to you sanctimonious phonies. You insult St. Michael's name and his mission. This woman has declared herself I AM, which is one of the names of God, and Holy Spirit. we must pray for this poor soul.
On to answer the question:
The Church has nothing against the simple exorcism prayers. But in response to abuses and people getting hurt, the Church has placed restrictions on the use of imprecatory commands (commands directly to the demons such as I rebuke you demon of _____).
We are not to use these direct commands but may say, Father in Heaven, please rebuke this demon of _____
There is NO need to directly speak to the demon and doing so is dangerous. Asking the Father to rebuke is just as effective if not more effective.
The only people who insist on using the direct approach despite the Church's legislation, are those whose egos and arrogance supercedes their good sense and their obedience to the Church.
And, Miss, the Holy Spirit would NEVER inspire you to disobey the Church. Your statement that you will continue to go with what God seems to have working for me is a statement of disobedience and of delusion. God is and will not ask you to disobey His Church. You may NOT use imprecatory commands. The Church says so and when the Church speaks God speaks.
Those with the Holy Spirit within them OBEY the Church.
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