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Spiritual Warfare Forum: Spirit Attacks

by Catherine Frakas 20 Oct 2002

Spirit Attacks QUESTION from Nikki August 2, 2001 Hello, first I would like to tell you after reading over the answers you give, I have developed a real respect for you. So please, what I am about to ask do not take this as me challenging you. I am seeking honest help that no one else can give. Like you, I have taken interest in many spiritual things. I have learned a great deal and understanding whether I wanted to or not. I believe you have given me the answer that I have asked God concerning what religion I should follow. Now, here is the question...
I have just read a very interesting story of a woman going through a spiritual attack. You told her that most likely it would only happen once. Well, in my cast it happened a few times. What I find most interesting is that two days ago, I went through a spirit attack as to where the demon tried a different tact to keep me under. It tried to seduce to make me believe that what it was doing felt good. It tried its hardest to keep me from calling out to Jesus. It was like it knew.
Now, for the first time I heard voices. It sounded like chants from women who were standing outside my door. I called out Jesus several times. This thing got off me. I immediately went to the Lord's Prayer even though I was weak. I went to sleep peacefully after that. Yesterday, (yes, I know you told us not to try to figure out in so many ways) something came across my mind and told me that some females I knew have tried to place a curse on me out of jealously( and these were the same women who tried to get money, $1700, out of me)they were the reasons for this attack. I was outraged and felt like calling to let them know it did not work, but I did not. Like I said this is not the first time this has happened. I even dreamed about another women who has tried to hurt me using this witchcraft thing. It goes on and on and on.
Now, with this happening, can you just give me advice please because honestly I am lost. I believe strongly in God and has felt his presence, yes, I have tampered and got away from the dark side. But it seems to me that in some sense I have walked away with something to deep for me handle. I was given the gift of tongue, discernment, and a few other things. Dreams I can almost interept. I refuse to go back to the occult regardless of what happens to me. Help!!!!!!!! Because these are not the only things I go through. What does God want me to do? No, I am not mentally ill and all that. No I am not in a panick or in a state of extreme depression. I write to you with my head clear seeking understanding of my path. No, I am not on drugs either and no I have not been drinking. No, I am not doing any occult activities or in a occult group. Thank You Sincerely.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 27, 2001 Dear Miss Nikki:
You need to make a complete break from the past occult involvements. You need to come to a point where the reason you will not go back to the occult involvment is because it offends God and you love God, rather than because of what it does to you.
You need to stay close to the Church, develop devotions to saints, use the sacramentals of the church, like Holy Water, when needed, and pray some of those spiritual warfare prayers we have listed.
We will be listing prayers to break curses, here shortly. I would also recommend that you pray the Renunciation Ritual Prayer that is in our Prayer Catalog.
Give your life to Jesus and to the Church.
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