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Spiritual Warfare Forum: General inquisitiveness on angels and demons

by Catherine Frakas 07 Nov 2002

General inquisitiveness on angels and demons QUESTION from David, the Least July 14, 2001 Dear Forum Host,
In the past week I have had my eyes open to various things about spriritual warfare that have shocked and scared me. I'll get it out in the open to begin with, as to clear up any disagreeance that I may UNKNOWINGLY have with any of your beliefs. While I attend a Baptist Church, I consider myself not to be in the Baptist religion, but in the Faith of Jesus Christ. Religion, in my opinion, gets you on the cross...but faith is getting up on it. If this part conflicts with any of your beliefs I ask that you delete it from my post. I have some very serious questions that I would like answers and I would hate for those answers to be denied to me because of my ignorance of your practices.
Now, the part of my post where we get down to the meat of the subject. I'd like to take this time to thank you for furthering my research on such an important topic.
1) I know that we cannot be demon slayers, but can we drive demons from our presence through prayer?
2) If I'm not mistaken, there are actually conflicts between angels and demons. Can you explain what these occurances are like or what the outcomes are of such battles?
3) Is there anyway that I can pray protection from demons?
4) Is there anyway that I might assist angels?
5) My friend is heavily into Dungeons and Dragons and many other video games, board games, and television shoes that I have recently learned that are bad. How could I go about witnessing to him?
6) I was involved in a Korean martial art known as Tae Kwon Do. This class was only about technique, and did not practice the demonic powers that are common in the higher levels of the martial arts that monks and others practice. Is this still wrong?
7) I am interested in making a video game for Christians about the spiritual warfare that would enlighten them on the subject, teach them scripture, and throw in some action and adventure base solely on the Bible. Can this be done without creating another demon-filled, hell-bent video game which encourages demonic possesion, affiliation, and other Satanistic subjects?
Thank you, once again, for your patience with all of my questions. If you find any reason to delete this...please, let me know, and I will try to adjust my questions.
Stumbling to fill His footsteps, David, the Least
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 15, 2001 Dear Mr. David:
Answers to your questions are:
Question #1: Yes.
Question #2: We are not told the details, we are only told in the Bible that they do exist. We do know that St. Michael was the one commission to escort Lucifer out of heaven. We know that St. Michael said, May the Lord rebuke you to satan in Jude 9 when fighting over the body of Moses.
The effects of this heavenly battle can be the souls of people, the dominion of cities and even nations.
Question #3: Yes, see our Prayer Catalog
Question #4: Yes, live a good Christ-life yourself, and pray for others
Question #5: Pray for him. Show him books maybe that expose these activities, explain that playing in satan's sandbox one will get sand in their shoes.....but mostly pray for him.
Question #6: I am not sure it is possible to practive the martial arts without the spiritualistic baggage that goes along with it. The martial arts are not about self-defense, they are specific exercises specifically designed to facilitate altered states of consciousness and otherwise to place one in AT ONE MENT with the forces of the universe in according with Taoism, Shintoism, Buddhism, or whatever Eastern philosophy the martial arts derived from. That they also have a defense capability is secondary. It is like the old cliche, You can take the boy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the boy.
Question #7: Yes, it could be done, but I don't think you are qualified to do it. This would require someone with proper experience in Spiritual Warfare.
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