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Continuous demonic influence? QUESTION from Shirley July 13, 2001 Oct. 29, 2000 I posted a question to your forum re generational bondage. I have been doing what you suggested; my husband and son continue to watch movies that are spiced with cursing, nudity, sex, violence, etc., etc., etc.,; they don't seem to see anything wrong with this. Actually my husband seems to watch these things more often.
I have tried and tried to explain how it hurts Jesus; why it's wrong. Is our home going to be continually open to demons because of this?
My son has a 4 year old daughter that comes to stay with us every other week. I take her to Mass as often as I can. She loves to go to church with me and loves to look at the Crucified Christ. I am trying to do everything that I can to teach her about Jesus and Mary; her prayers and about her Guardian Angel. Sometimes I feel so alone. I am not a saint by any means and I am not trying to imply that I have never done anything wrong. I am afraid that all this is going to hurt my granddaughter somehow. These things are not watched in front of her, although they do sometimes watch WWF when she's around.
Please forgive the lengthy question; most Priests don't want to talk about demonic activity, influence or anything of this nature. I don't know what else to do, save leaving and getting my own apartment. I am fully aware of the teachings of the Church re marriage, but I would do anything to protect her. Why are some people so blind regarding evil because that's what it is - pure and simple - evil.
Also, many years ago, before I became Catholic, I was sent to a hypnotist for help to overcome migraines. Could I have opened some kind of door by doing this? If I had only known what can happen, I never would have gone.
Thank you so much for speaking the truth.
May God bless and protect you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 15, 2001 Dear Shirley:
You have a rough road, but know that God loves you and is with you as your struggle with these issues in your family.
You need to look over the Prayer Catalog linked at the top of the Index page. In that Catalog you will find prayers for your to pray for your husband and family. It is not good that your husband indulges in this stuff. It is like playing with fire. Pray for him. Pray a hedge prayer around him.
Do not underestimate the power of prayer. Persevere in prayer.
As for the hypnosis, it can sometimes be a problem, it depends. To be on the safe side you can pray a prayer of renunication of all past activities that may be a problem. This will close the door to any possibilities.
God Bless and we are praying for you.
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