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Something press on me QUESTION from Richard March 12, 2001 Dear bro John, I have some terrible experiences and had happen for a few years now. It didn't happen everytime but when I sleep face the ceiling. It sometime even happen when I take a evening sleep.
I didn't say it happen every week, or month, but I had this a few times. There is something press on me that all my body couldn't move, I can't even move a single of my body and even is very hard for my mouth and tounge. But I finally make a relief when I speak our Lord Jesus Christ name and then it was all over.
Please help me I don't know why is happening to me. It make me uneasy.
What should I do? Please help.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 14, 2001 Dear Mr. Richard:
Sorry for the great delay. Your question was originally posted on the Faith and Spirituality Forum at the end of January, but was transferred to the Spiritual Warfare Forum due to its subject matter. I have just now come to it in the Spiritual Warfare queue.
As to your experience, this is a rather common. In some instances it is a natural phenomenon called hypnagogic hallucinations or another condition called cataleptic somnambulism.
However, the demonic experience that is common, while looking like cataleptic somnambulism can indeed be a demonic attack.
Speaking the name of our Lord Jesus Christ will cause these demonic attacks to stop. You may also want to pray the bedtime prayer of protection that we have on the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog linked on the Index page.
If this is the extent of your experience, these simple prayers should handle the situation when it occurs and may stop them completely.
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