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Exorcism? QUESTION from S. A. February 1, 2001 I am in a rather complicated situation. A friend of mine recently confessed to me the strong suspicion that her daughter is possessed - by what or, rather, whom is unclear. Viewing the evidence, I (reluctantly) have to agree with her. I have been looking for information to possibly locate someone able to confirm/dispute our theory and perform an exorcism if necessary. My question? How in the world am I going to find someone qualified - and willing - to do such a thing? I eagerly await a response.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on April 17, 2001 Dear Mrs. S. A:
Diagnosis is a very difficult thing. The girl should first be taken to a psychiatrist and examined. If psychiatric treatment does not help then a qualified Deliverance counselor may be appropriate. The problem is finding one who is not a wacko themselves. I would be very careful of Charistmatic deliverance counselors. You might ask your pastor if he knows of any services that can help you, but in any event you need to begin with psychiatric examination. Catholic Charities can help if there is not enough money to pay for a psychiatrist.
I will say from the get-go -- Neither you nor your friend are qualified to diagnosis so please do not jump to conclusions.
If, after all medical and psychiatric examinations prove unfruitful and actual possession (as opposed to the lesser conditions of opporession or harassment, etc) is indicated, then you can approach the Bishop of your diocese about the possibility of a formal exorcism.
A word of caution: Freedom is not possible unless the girl is willing to live the Christ-life. Only Christ can keep the devils out.
If need be, you may email me or call me for a phone appointment to discuss your situation.
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