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by Catherine Frakas 22 Jan 2003

My Thanks and Exocism QUESTION from Jonathan Malins October 27, 2000 Dear Father John-Pual Ignatius
Thankyou for your time and response in regards to my question of Vodoo/Catholism in Haitii.
I would also like to say that I read several other questions sent by other persons. Several of which questioned as to who has the right to perform exorcisms.
TO OTHER READERS I beleive that god chooses those who are to perform this rite/task. Anyone who performs an exorcism without gods blessing is very foolish.
Demons are extremely dangerous, by know means should anyone underestimate them and should only be exorcised by profesional who has been blessed by god to perform this task.
If you are researching, looking for knowlege of or even attempting to communicate with demons I strongly urge you to stop. For your own sake stop now because you are very much at risk. Demons will harm you physically, emotialy and spiritually if given the slitest chance.
There is nothing to be learned from or about demons that would be false or deceit. There is one simple fact and it is this they are evil and looking for anyone they can drag into hell with them.
For some people unfortionately they're not so lucky to find Father John-Pual Ignatius or a website like this. I urge you to heed everything that John-Pual Ignatius has to say.
Leave to those who have been blessed and under the protection of god to perform exorcisms.
If you are looking for something interesting to research or read about I found the stories of the early catholic missionaries very interesting.
God Bless
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on December 17, 2000 Dear Mr. Malins:
Thanks for your kind words. And thanks for the promotion.:-) I am merely a lowly brother and not a priest.
The points that you make are good. I just have a couple of edits.
Formal Exorcism can be done ONLY by a priest and then only when the bishop gives permission. What others like myself can do is deliverance counseling which does not directly speak to or disturb demons. This sort of counseling causes the casting out of demonic influences in a more intercessory prayer and counseling method. By confronting the person with Truth, the demons are confronted with Truth. Since demons don't like Truth, they are likely to leave. Formal eviction of demons that will not leave when we pray for the poor person in bondage, takes a more direct approach. But as I said, that direct approach can only be done by a priest under the permission of a bishop.
Second, on research, I agree. One does not need to research this subject anymore than necessary. One should not make a special project out of it to learn everything you can learn about it.
We DO need to learn some things. We need to know enough to be able to resist Satan's snares and schemes. We do need to know how Satan works and tricks us. We also need to know enough to be able to recognize when our children are dabbling with the occult and we need to know enough to be able to apply some first aid techniques. But that is all.
Unless one is specifically called to do it, as far as the general public should go is to be trained in Spiritual Warfare First Aid.
Then remember, you are a First Aider, not a doctor, so don't play doctor.
I am considering offering my First Aid Workshop on Cassette Tapes and Real Audio files on CDs and maybe on the website too so that people can go through the course. The workshop is called, Hope, Help, Victory: A Spiritual Warfare Workshop: Exposing and Confronting Satanism, the Occult, and the New Age
The Workshop comes with a hardcopy manual of over 100 pages, plus about 16 hours of teaching on tape.
I normally teach this workshop in person, but I am thinking of offering it on tape and Real Audio.
Again, thanks for your input.
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