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Demons and Hauntings QUESTION from Stacy D Varner II October 16, 2000 Hello,
Please allow me to first appologize for the length of this. I understad if it is too long for you to post on the website, but please respond to me at least, I am fairly concerned.
I stumbled upon your site while looking for some info on demons. I know that I should avoid the topic but I feel like I have had a very close encounter with one recently. If you will humor me Id like to give a little backgroud first.
For some time my mother has been seeing a man(she is devorced, we are not Catholic) and they have changed moved on a number of times. Every time they have moved there has been some kind of supernatual accourances and I think I might me the reason.
One night, while they were living in thier first home, I was miles away at my home practicing astral projection. I have since repented and returned my heart to Christ, but thats another story. Anyway, i was practicing astral projection and I was atempting to go to my mothers home. I never suceeded, but somthing very strange happened. I was using the space between two candles to focus, and during a very quick instant there was a tear in the space between the candles(thats the best way I can describe it). It made a sound, like wind and electricity; it was horribly loud. I was frightened beyond belief, and moments later I heard wails and saw shadown moving around outside of my house.
Days later I told my mother of what had happened. She says to me that at around that time on that night, she sat up in bed because she heard my voice, and then she said she heard a wooshing sound with faint wails rush from one end of her house to the other. We know it was at the same time because the power was out in our area and it the power came on roughly fifteen minuets after the event.
Not long after that she and he moved, and within days of settleing in they bagan to tell me of stories of rattling windows slamming cabinets and just plain weired feelings. The only experince I ever had their was that I was staying their one night, sleeping on the coutch, and I looked to the celing and there was a green ball of light rolling across the celiling. They were living there for a few months and they moved yet again.
In the new place, the cabinets and sounds have continued, but they have told me of a powerful event that happened a few months ago. He cannot even tell the story without turining white. It was early one moring, and they were woken by the sound of their back door opening and slamming. There is nothing else in that house which make a sound like that back door. My mother tels him, hey, there is somone in the house, and hes like, I heard it too. So he gets up and checks the house, back door is locked, noone is in the house. He comes back to report to my mother and at that moment there was a wooshing wailing sound sweeping through the house, and the bedroom became extreamly cold, stayed that way for a few mins, and then the whole incident was over.
I was visiting my mother this past weekend, and the subject fo rsome reason came up, and she told me the story again, and of other strage things that have happened in the house. She says that she dosent feel threatend by it, but her boyfriend turns pale when he talk about it. The three of us have all had enought experinces to KNOW that these things are real, and my mother and I have decided that ghosts dont exsist, and that demons are responsible for huntings, and there is one in her house right now.
That night, after we had talked about it, i stayed up reading untill about 1:30 AM. For a solid hour before I went to bed I heard a constant hollow rythmic knocking, that would only stop when I gave it my attention. I asssumed it was a drip in the sink, but before I went to bed I went around seeing what could be casuing it. The window didnt sound right, and there was a plate in the sink, so the soound would have been different. Nothing seemed to fit, not to mention that the sound had stoped when I started looking for it.
I said forget it, and I went to lie down and as I turned out the light, I saw it, plain as day for just an instant. It was on the ceiling. It was mas shaped and sized but it scurryed on the ceiling like a cockroach. It turned to look at me and, its skin was black as pitch and it had huge yellow eyes, its face wos completely expressionless. Then it was gone, vanished right out of sight. I didnt feel afraid, angry that it had the nerve to be there, but not afraid. I said a prayer, to let the monstrosity know that Gods power is far greater than his. At this point the knocking began again, this time in the attic, it sounded like it was banging on somthing else. The next morning my mother said the she too heard the knocking all morning, she was up at 5:30, and it koncked untill we all woke up.
This is not the only encounter with demons that my mother and I have in common. She also told me that once when she was younger she awoke to see a very small demon and the foot of her bed trying desperately to climb up to her. When it couldnt, it ran around to the side of the bed and stared at her for hours, then it ran off. When she told me this, I felt compelled to tell her of a time when I was scrying(using a mirror to divine). I told of how I stared into the morror and suddenly my face features in the mirror changed. My reflection turned into an impish thing. My skin looked brown and my head was blad, the ears looked severed. The skin looked as if it were streched too tightly for the skull, and the mouth was filled with slender pointy teeth which wre revealed behind a nasty grin. As I desribed this image to my mother, her jaw dropped. I was describing to her the face that peeping over her bedside many years ago.
OK, to the point. I want to know what you think of all this. Is it best ignored, or is thins an indication of somthing bad. My mother and I both have great love and faith in Jesus Christ, which is why I think we get no fear from the creatures, but why do we have so many of the same experinces(but different) with the same devils? Are these occourances my fault becasue of my dabbeling with darkness, and why didnt they go away when I came back to Christ? Im just trying to make since of this, if you can help Id realy appriciate it. Thank you for your time and patience.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on December 17, 2000 Dear Mr. Varner:
Your story is an excellent illustration that when you play in Satan's playground you WILL get Satan's sand in your shoes.
I would agree that your astral projection experiments opened a door, sort-to-speak, that now needs to be shut. It also sounds like there has been other phenomena in your family's history. Who knows why or who might have opened a door years ago.
The question is how to deal with it? What is the the solution?
First you need to take a look at the Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog linked on the Index page of this Q & A forum. There you will find a prayer of Renunciation of Ancestral Sins. You and your mother, and all members of your family, need to pray that prayer.
You also need to pray prayers of personal renunciation of all activity that you may have involved yourself with. Even if you have already confessed this to God, pray the renunciation prayers anyway, followed by prayers to TAKE BACK the ground that Satan got into your life by that activity.
All activities need to be included in these renunciation prayers no matter how innocent. Such innocent things as having your palm read at a carnival, reading your horoscope in the newspaper, no matter how trivial, it must be included.
Get rid of all books and materials of an occult nature that are in your possession. Don't give them away, burn them, destroy them.
Use any other prayers in the Catalog to pray for protection for yourself, and to pray for your mother, and vise-versa.
Live the Christ-life. Attend Church regularly. Involve yourself in devotional activities, study the Bible, etc. etc. As one old Baptist preacher once said, The best way to keep the 'ol devil out is to keep Jesus Christ in!
Stay close to God, pray these prayers I have mentioned, live a Christ-life. That will probably take care of the situation. If not, then you will need a third-party deliverance counselor (who knows what they are doing and with a level-head) to help you perhaps.
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