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Advice needed QUESTION from Mandy Jean August 20, 2000 I am not a Catholic, I am non-denominational. Probably because it's been the only Church able to cope with me. I was brought up within a coven and turned to the Lord Jesus when I was seventeen at which time I was disowned by most of my family, but I tend to see other believers as my family.
The problem is I have problems with what they call in our Church demonic manifestations and have been going for something called deliverance for two years now. It leaves me ill and weak for weeks and by the time I recover it's time to go through it again. I am no better, I am physically ill, have been known to use other languages I can't speak, I am disruptive, I started a Mexican wave during mass when I tried one Catholic Church, these things publicly humiliate me. I blackout, convulse, and I am completely dyslexic when it comes to reading the Bible. My Pastor says that I should stop the deliverance but when I ask how he will help when I stop going as it gets worse he told me I was mentally disturbed due to years in the occult and always would be and that I needed to turkey off it as a drug addict would turkey off drugs. His wife prayed for me once when I had an attack while he stayed well back. A psychiatrist and two trained counsellors have told me that I am sane. What steps can I take to stop this as my Pastor wouldn't give permission for any help?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on October 18, 2000 Dear Miss Mandy:
Please know that we are praying for you.
The story as you relate it appears to lead in the direction of demonization. If the psychiatrists give you a clean bill of health and you still have these problems, it suggests a spiritual problem that may require spiritual counseling, deliverance counseling or exorcism.
A true exorcism, if that is what is needed, can only be done by the Catholic Church (although Protestants will disagree of course). The best that can be done by non-catholics is what is called simple exorcism or deliverance.
But what you are describing appears to indicate that you are going to need professional help.
Since you are not Catholic there are two places I would suggest you contact for help:
Freedom in Christ Ministries 491 E. Lambert Road La Habra, CA 90631-6136 562-691-9128 and

International Center for Biblical Counseling 1551 Indian Hills Drive, Suite #200 Sioux City, IA 51104 712-293-0631 I personally recommend both of these places. Don't worry if you don't live in the area of these agencies. The International Center does have branch offices in several states, and I know that things can sometimes be arranged to help people who don't live nearby.
We shall be in prayer for you.

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