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christianity and TM QUESTION from Julie May 31, 2000 I have a cousin active in the TM movement who is encouraging me to try TM. He says it is a simple mechanical technique to settle the mind and release stress and has nothing to do with religion. His associate, a born-again christian and charismatic says that for him, it is also a way to approach God who is within us. The technique must be taught by a TM movement instructor. Is this compatible with christianity, or is it dabbling in the occult? Some christian prayer books do list TM as a methods of coming to quiet for contemplative prayer.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on Wednesday, July 5, 2000 Dear Mrs. Julie:
No TM is not compatible with Christianity and no Christian has any business messing with it.
TM is NOT just a mechanical method. It is Hinduism. The mantras given to you is most often a prayer to a Hindu god.
TM has everything to do with religion. The Founder of Transcendental Meditation (who is considered a joke in India), came the United States at a time when many con artists from the East were coming here bringing a watered down version of their Eastern religions and starting cults.
TM is just another one of those watered down Hindu sects.
The method by the way used by TM is to completely empty your mind.
This technique of meditation has been specifically CONDEMNED by the Holy See.
Stay away from this cult-like group.
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