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by Catherine Frakas 06 Apr 2003

spiritual warfare/help needed QUESTION from Pam Taylor April 2, 2000 I have lived in this house 11 years. Several years ago we had a Satanic family living next door. Their home was the one that the meetings were held at regularly, etc. This family moved about 4 years ago. Just prior to them moving I noticed things were weird in one end of our home (the end next to that house) I have seen a figure and heard things and footsteps, etc. My sister stayed here once and said someone walking in her room kept her up all night. Prior to that I had never told her about it.
To make a long story short, my husband always had an explanation for whatever went on. I thought we had a ghost. We have a 3 1/2 year old son. He sleeps with us. The main room this happens in should be his room. We decided about 5 weeks ago that he was going to sleep in that room.
Now things are really bad and it has started appearing to my son. First it was waking him up and talking to him, and he said it was a monster but he was not scared of it. The first time I heard it through the baby moniter I went in there and my son was talking to someone. The instances go on and on. It is no longer friendly to him.
We have had the house prayed over twice and plan to by someone else this week. We are not trying to sleep him in ther e now, last week he was hurting bad during the night in his legs. Once it even happenned in our room. The other day we went for a walk and when we came in our son looked surprised to see someone and asked who it was in the living room. He asked this also about a year ago. We questioned him and he said they were sitting in his dads chair and it looked like his grandpa (who is not dead). We told him to say Jesus when he sees it. He did it the other night and he said that Jesus had horns because he saw a monster with horns when he said that.
We are christians. We have learned to use the name of Jesus and we do so and it gives us relief in the nights. It will leave with Jesus name. But if we are in that end of the house it may be back in an hour.
Do you have any information for us? Can you give us any guidelines as to how to get our home back so that our son can finally sleep in his room? We pray as a family every night. We play Christian music in that room a lot, and the radio is kept on with a christian station on it.
I know this is long, but I needed to tell you a few things just so you would have an idea what we are dealing with. Thanks in advance for any help you can give us.
UPDATE APRIL 3rd This is an update, because the situation is changing. Last night my 16 yr old daughter said that something had been touching her on her arm during the night, like rubbing it etc.We have a baby moniter in her room. She was too scared and was unable to scream for help. She is a Christian. Her room is on the same end of the house as my sons room. Also I gave my son a stuffed snowman to sleep with. He loved it at first. However, before he went to sleep he said it was named Bingle which is the name this demon or whatever has told him was his name. We ended up having to put the snowman in the garage. My son was also complaining about his legs hurting. My husband and I prayed over him several times and he was able to rest. This was in our room. Apparently it is starting in other rooms.
Thanks for any advice or information.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on April 6, 2000 Dear Mrs. Taylor:
I have combined your two submissions into one since they pertain to the same thing.
From the description you are giving, I would suggest that your house and family needs more than merely having the house blessed. There is a need for specific spiritual warfare prayers to be applied.
Some of the prayers that are on our Catalog of Spiritual Warfare Prayers that are linked on the SW Q & A Index page may help you. Or I may be able to write from prayer that are specific to your situation.
But a more indepth assistance to you is beyond this Q & A forum. There is much more personal information that is needed to properly tackle this problem and a careful analysis of all the evidence and experiences. This means interviews, experience mapping, and a decision on a plan of action.
I may be able to help you if you contact me personally at: to arrange for a telephone call to discuss it. If God's wills and their is a need, I can even come to your residence to investigate this -- but that is a last resort.
I would advise emailing me to make arrangements for a telephone meeting (or I do have VOICE CHAT capacity on our website that would make the call free without long distant charges).
We will certainly be in prayer for you.
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