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Cristian moral? QUESTION from Francisco Galarce March 3, 2000 If I may ask a question, I was wondering how it can be that in the USA there are a lot of high school shootings while most of the shooters are cristian. The weaponlobby has also got a lot of cristians in it's followers. The USA is one of the most cristian countries around the world but is also the most violent. Both in it's foreign policy and it's police (NYPD, Seatle riots). It's people has long believed that black people are less worth than the white people. There are still white cristian people who think this way. How can it be that a religion that promotes peace and love and 'understanding' from it's holy books (NT)could be have such a destructive group of followers. Don't understand me wrong, I think Christianity has got a lot of good morals (not all but most of them). The teaching of Jezus has always inspired me altough I'm an atheist and a Marxist. I think a lot af the americans can learn a lot of the words of Christ if they would just open their eyes for human understanding and love/peace. I just like to know how such a religion can have such a destructive consequence?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on March 11, 2000 Dear Mr. Galarce:
The situations you describe are a result of sin, not Christianity. The further our culture moves away from the morals and restraining force of Christianity, the more and more sin will reign the day.
From atheistic countries and countries that claim to be Marxist there might not be as many drive by shootings by the people, but we sure have a lot of killing by the State.
Stalin killed untold 10 of millions of his own people; the Khmer Rouge murdered a significant percentage of the population of Cambodia, North Korea, China, Cuba, and a host of other countries based on an atheistic culture deriving out of Marx have done more killing and human rights violations that all the wars and human rights violations of all the nations and tribes put together since the dawn of man.
Christianity was and is the only restraining force against the evil in our world.
What this Nation needs, what this world needs, is to get down with its face in the dirt begging forgive from the Almighty God, repent of the evil ways, and live a culture and worldview of Christ.
It is only when we step away from the Christian worldview that we find these evils.
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