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Dream catcher follow-up QUESTION from Michelle February 6, 2000 Is it O.K. for a Christian to hang a dream catcher in their window for decoration purposes?
What if that Christian happens to be a priest and he is unaware of what they represent?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 12, 2000 Dear Mrs. Michelle:
I don't really remember what these things look like -- that is, if they appear to be obviously something new age.
I personally think it is best to not use items that are new age, even if used benignly, if for no other reason than one's Christian testimony. It could cause scandal for others to see a Christian with new age symbols or items.
Also, why would a Christian want to decorate his home or otherwise use an item of the new age or the occult. There is an old saying, If you play in Satan's sandbox you will get his sand in your shoes.
On the other hand, unless the items are such that facilitate spiritual rustlings even benignly, such as Ouija Boards, Tarot Cards, and the like, the items may not be of any consequence in and of itself -- beyond a possible damage to Christian testimony when others who know what the items are see a Christian using them.
If the priest is not aware of what the item is and this item is not one that facilitates spiritual rustlings as I just mentioned, there is no harm done probably.
I doubt if this particular item is known by that many people, so the testimony issue is probably not much of an issue. But, we don't want to be a stumblingblock to even one person if we can help it.
You might explain to the priest what the item is and what it represents and explain that it could be a stumblingblock to people who are coming out of the new age to see him with the item.
Then leave it to him and God; and pray for him no matter what he finally decides.
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