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Enneagram QUESTION from kim February 3, 2000 There is a Lenten Retreat scheduled at Our Lady of Mercy retreat center in Oklahoma City whose topic is the ENNEAGRAM:Nine Pathways to the Soul. I have read Fr. Mitch Pacwa's article on the Enneagram as well as some others. I am wanting to get your statement as regards this new age fad as well. Just how dangerous is it? My husband and I cannot believe that a Catholic organization would schedule something like this and for lent?! What are they going to give up--Christianity? What do you think about it and what should I do?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on February 6, 2000 Dear Mrs. Kim:
I agree with Father Pacwa.
The Enneagram is absolutely and totally inconsistent with Christianity.
No Christian should be participating.
I would complain to the bishop. Give him a copy of Father Pacwa's book.
If the bishop refuses to do anything about it, I personally would actively let people know that this Retreat Center is teaching things not consistent with the Catholic Faith and be on guard.
And, I would certainly never attend their retreats.
Unfortunately, most of the retreat centers in the country, I believe, have lost their moorings.
We are considering starting a database where we could keep track of retreat centers and other places identifying who is and who is not loyal to the Church and consistent with Catholic worldview. Since most retreat centers teach either or both the Enneagram and/or Centering Prayer, most center would get a low mark from us.
The Legion of St. Michael has considered offering retreats. I can guarantee you that you would get nothing but solid 100% orthodoxy from us. We really don't have the facilities to do retreats -- except maybe for two or three men at a time. But we could look into offering retreats by using other facilities, such as renting a meeting hall or something like that.
It is a major problem since it seems to be a rarity that retreat centers are loyal and obedient to the Church anymore.
We must pray.
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