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Succubus QUESTION from anonymous January 17, 2000 I know this is a bit of a strange question, but could you please tell me how to find out if a succubus has entered someone's life, and how to get them out once it has been established to be just that?
Thank you
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, O.L.S.M. on January 23, 2000 Dear Anonymous:
The terms Succubus and Incubus are terms from the Middle ages. They refer to sexual demons. Succubus is a sexual demon that seeks to seduce men. An Incubus is a sexual demon that seeks to seduce women.
As you your specific question as to how to tell if someone is infested with one of these demons, that question is beyond this Q & A Forum. Diagnosis is a very difficult thing and requires a thorough investigation of the person including possibly psychiatric, medical, and psychologial work ups. It also takes many hours of interviews and discerment about the person's spiritual life and health.
There are no set formulas to determine when a person is demonized. It is a matter of investigation, collecting evidence, observing and cataloging symptoms and any phenomena, elimination of psychiatric and medical causes, and deep discernment based upon experience and the Holy Spirit.
As to how to get rid of a demon once it has infested a person, the answer is the same. It is too complicated to deal with here. Also, if is dangerous to deal with this. If I gave the methods and techniques used in deliverance counceling over this forum, people out there who are unqualified and inexperienced would take that info and try to do a deliverance on their own. This would be like a person who barely knows first aid trying to do brain surgery from a textbook.
If you have a friend that you think has this problem, pray for them. We have a set of spiritual warfare prayers on our website that you may use and modify for your purposes.
You can pray as if. Like this, Lord IF my friend has this demon, please free them of this infestation.
Such intercessory prayer cannot hurt. If the demon is there, the prayer will heolp the person, according to God's Providence, to be healed perhaps. If the person did not have the demon after all, the prayer will still offer grace to the person.
You can find the Spiritual Warfare Prayers located at the link at the top of the SW Form Index page.
God Bless.
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