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Witchcraft QUESTION from Darryl March 4, 1999 This is for Edward. As a former Wiccan, I have an insider's perspective on this.
Br. John-Paul raises some very important points. There's one brand of witchcraft he doesn't mention which is by far the most insipid.
In his book Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner author Scott Cunningham presents the old all gods are one god argument and then goes on to state that wiccans are worshipping the same god as Christians, just in a different form. This can easily lead Christian kids into believing that witchcraft is okay and even good. He goes on to say that witches can't be worshipping Satan because witches don't believe Satan exists. There are many books that present the Wiccan view of God this way.
There is a lot of effort expended on the part of wiccan authors to demonstrate how their religion is superior to Christianity and imply that Christianity is actually evil. They really target young teens in the books.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on March 4, 1999 Thanks Darryl for the additional information.
Yes, there are witches who even claim to be Christian witches. Some of these are the most dangerous for they given appearances and even some lipservice to Christianity. Such are truly wolves in sheep clothing.
Most witches will tell you that they don't worship Satan and don't believe he exists. But a rose by any other name is still a rose.
One category of Satanism is called Atheistic Satanism. These people don't believe in a real Satan.
Well, they may not believe in Satan, but Satan believes in them!!!
And Satan won't mind these people thinking he doesn't exist as long as they promote his causes.
By the way, even in White Witchcraft, once a witch is promoted through the ranks to the inner circle, in many covens, they are introduced to the horned god, Lucifer. This is Satan.
I have a video-tape interview with a former white witch who was in the inner circle and talks about his introduction to the horned god.
Again thanks for your input.
God Bless.
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