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abortion in cases of mothers death? QUESTION from Dustin Dreifuerst M.I. December 4, 1999
Dear Mr. Miskell, How can I tell someone that you shouldn't have an abortion even if the mothers life is in danger? ANSWER by Mr. John Miskell on December 4, 1999
Dear Dustin, The Alan Gutmacher Institute (AGI) reports on issues concerning the abortion industry. AGI is a wholly owned research division of the Planned Parenthood Federation, which is the WORLD'S LARGEST PROVIDER OF ABORTION SERVICES. In fact, Alan Gutmacher, M.D. is a past president of Planned Parenthood. According to AGI, in light of medical advances, excluding an ectopic pregnancy, there is virtually no medical condition which would prevent the mother from carrying the pregnancy to a point that would allow safe delivery. An ectopic pregnancy is also known as a tubal pregancy. It's a no win situation. If left untreated, an ectopic pregnancy will be fatal to BOTH the mother and the child - 100% of the time. The ONLY way to prevent the mother's death is to terminate the pregnancy, thus resulting in the death of the child. Bear in mind that currently there is no way to save the developing child in such cases. Even if the mother chose to sacrifice herself for the baby, it would work. The baby would die anyway. Terminating the pregnancy in such cases is morally acceptable because causing the death of the child is not the primary reason for the termination but an unfortunate affect resulting from the procedure necessary to save the mother's life. If there were any way to preserve both lives then it would be morally necessary to do so, but sadly this is just not the case with ectopic pregnancy. All other abortions are done with the PRIMARY intent to kill the developing child. I hope this answers your question. In Christ, John Miskell Back to Index Page

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