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Prolife Forum: Birth Control

by Catherine Frakas 09 Jun 2002

Birth Control QUESTION from Shirley October 19, 2001 I had posted this question to Bro. Ignatius a few days ago. He did answer but also suggested that I ask you. Below is the same question that I posted to Bro. Ignatius.
------------------------- I was reading the birth control question from Steve dated Sept. 24, 2001; as well, Bro. Ignatius's reply, a portion of which I have written below.
So give it up, repent of your heresy and your stupidity and your murderous thinking (most modern contraception techniques actually kill a baby already conceived, rather than prevent conception).
My daughter is taking birth control or what she calls birth control. She was given this medication (for pain) by her doctor. She also has a thyroid condition and once when we were at the Thyroid Specialist's office he mentioned that these were not birth control pills. I'm confused. It would seem to me that either they are or they are not. I realize that it is bad enough that she is taking this to begin with, but to think that what she is taking would actually be killing a baby already conceived is more than I could bear.
How would I ever find out which pills prevent conception and which ones actually kill a baby already conceived?
I never knew this! How could I be so stupid? I always thought that by taking birth control pills, this prevented fertilization and that did not seem so terrible to me. I don't know why. I did not take OC; I did have an Intrauterine Device inserted but that caused so much pain that I had it removed. I took nothing for eight years and then conceived my daughter.
I was not born into the Catholic Faith. I had no idea of the church's view on this and years ago, one did not talk about such matters.
I feel absolutely horrible! How are we going to live with this???
I have talked to my daughter about being intimate with her boyfriend and how and why I disapprove but it does not seem to matter.
My other concern is this: Am I aiding in this horrible sin because it is my medical plan that pays for these pills?
I know that you will be truthful and very clear in your response. I just don't know how I will ever be able to walk through those church doors again after this!
Anxiously awaiting your response.

ANSWER by Mr. Troy Martz on October 26, 2001 Dear Shirley:
First, let me address your last concern -- how can you enter the doors of a church again. Remember, God's mercy is infinitely greater than any sin we can committ provided we throw ourselves completely to his mercy and repent. Go to confession and truthfully and completely repent of what you now know is sin. I was reading in Acts today and remembered that St. Paul, possibility the greatest teacher of the faith in the early Church, was directly involved in the martyrdom of St. Stephen. If God can use someone who participated in the killing of a saint to lay the foundations of the Church, he can use you to bless your family.
Now your other concerns:
1. Which contraceptive pills prevent conception and which ones actually kill a baby already conceived? The dirty little secret that the drug companies don't want you to know -- they all work in both mechanisms. Every hormonal contraceptive works to suppress ovulation and to prevent implantation of the fertilized ovum. Don't consider yourself stupid for not knowing that, most doctors who prescribe oral contraceptives don't want to talk about this since it makes them complicite in the deaths of newly conceived lives. I was informed sometime ago by my wife's doctor that medical organizations have even redefined conception to be complete only after implantation -- this allows them to prescribe OC's while pretending to be within ethical limits. There is a simple Fact Sheet from Human Life International that explains these facts with documented references. Here is an excerpt:
One author estimates the frequency of such chemical abortion as one in 88 menstrual cycles for a woman continually on the combined pill.(19) This translates to 1.4 million pill-induced abortions in the U.S.A in 1989, based on an estimated 10 million users. Given the scale of these silent abortions, based on the millions of women worldwide using various drugs and devices, what we are considering here is truly a Pharmaceutical Holocaust.
The entire Fact Sheet can be read here. There is also an excellent discussion titled: WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF ABORTIFACIENT?. Check out the entire site, HLI is a great resource of knowledge for those interested in pushing back the boundries of ignorance in this area.
2. Am I aiding in this horrible sin because it is my medical plan that pays for these pills? The short answer is yes. But the problem goes deeper than that, by allowing your daughter's doctor to prescribe her contraceptives and permitting her to become sexually active you have failed to protect her from our hyper-sexualized society. Again, don't despair, repent and commit yourself to correct the situation. Here's how you regain control:
[The following assumes that your daughter is a minor child since she is still on your insurance.]
Never let a doctor prescribe anything for your child unless you know exactly what it is and why it is prescribed. Find out TODAY exactly what the medication is and what it is for. Physically take it away from your daughter if you determine that the reason is less than medicinal. Go into the doctor's office with your daughter EVERY time she goes -- many doctors will pressure girls to be on the pill. Remember two very important points: You are the mother and you are paying the bills! Don't let either your daughter or her doctor tell you that you don't need to be present during the visit. If a doctor doesn't want you present while he is examining a MINOR child, maybe you should question his motives! If necessary find another doctor, there are plenty of honest and holy medical professionals. If a doctor tells you that birth control pills are medically necessary (the common excuses are acne, heavy periods, mood swings, etc), get a second opinion. There are many alternative treatments for these conditions that actually address the problem (rather than just masking the symptons) that are morally acceptable. The truth is, hormonal contraceptives (all oral plus Depro-provara and Norplant) are potentially much more dangerous than any symptoms. I encourage you to read Dr. Chris Kahlenborn's book Breast Cancer: Its Link to Abortion and The Birth Control Pill to learn more about the dangers of contraceptives to women. I am convinced that years from now, when the longer-term effects are proven, doctors will stop prescribing contraceptives for fear of liability lawsuits.
Next, keep your daughter away from her boyfriend. You wouldn't let her hang-out with kids who are drug users or criminals, don't let her poison her soul with sex outside of marriage (we used to call that fornication, but most people don't know the term anymore). If her boyfriend is over 18, inform him of the laws on statuatory rape and make sure he understands that you WILL press charges if he comes back. Then get help teaching her the Truth about human sexuality. The best resource I know is Mary Beth Bonacci, her book Real Love: The Book deals directly with these issues in the words of teens and in total fidelity with the teaching of the Church. There are other great resources on her website
Finally, never despair!!! Satan will throw your past sins up in your face to try to convince you that you are not worthy of God's grace. Just remember that Jesus ate and drank with prostitutes and tax-collectors because they were willing to accept the salvation he offered and change their ways. Repent, educate yourself (ignorance is cured by learning), and take a moral stand for the truth. It won't be easy, but it is ETERNALLY rewarding. Most importantly, pray for grace, guidance, and guts! Your efforts will be in our prayers.
Pax Christi, Troy Martz

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