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Fr Gobbi's Messages and Approval by the church QUESTION from C. Meli December 21, 1999
Fr Gobbi's messages HAVE been approved. In one of your answers you say they have not yet been.
But I think you didn't look at the books themselves.
So, the conclusion, is yes, the main book of messages has been approved as it has the imprimatur.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on Tuesday, December 21, 1999 Dear Mr. Meli:
Yes, I am completely aware that the Fr. Gobbi's books have an imprimatur.
And NO, Fr. Gobbi's locutions are NOT approved by the Church. You make the wrong conclusion.
An imprimatur is only a statement that the manuscript contains nothing contrary to faith and morals. If you look closely at the imprimatur statement you will see that it specifically says that.
An imprimatur means NOTHING MORE than the manuscript contains nothing contrary to faith and morals. It is NOT a statement as to the supernatural origin that Fr. Gobbi claims.
Fr Gobbi's locutions are currently under investgation and no decision as yet as been made by the Church as to the legitimacy of Fr. Gobbi's claims that he is indeed receiving these locutions from Mary. Until the Church makes such a ruling as far as we know, these locutions could be Fr. Gobbi's imagination.
An imprimatur only means that Fr. Gobbi's imaginations haven't been doctrinally in error. And by the way, an imprimatur DOES NOT mean that the Church agrees with Fr. Gobbi's writing, prophecies, or analysis of current events.
To repeat, an imprimatur is a statement that affirm that the manuscript does not contain anything contrary to the faith. THAT IS ALL IT MEANS.
We will have to wait a little longer for the verdict of the Church as to whether Fr. Gobbi's alleged locutions are really supernaturally sourced.
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