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Secrets of Fatima QUESTION from Roberta November 10, 1999 God send Blessed Mother to those three children, Blessed Mother did not come on her own, God send her to us. He specifically said Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, if you say that the message is not for us, then why in the world would God mention to the these three children the secret consecration of Russia in the first place?? Please read about Father MAlachi Martin Thank you
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 10, 1999 Dear Mrs. Roberta:
One last time. Fatima is a PRIVATE REVELATION. Fatima has been recognized by the Church as worthy of devotion, but NO ONE must believe in Fatima. ALL Private Revelations are OPTIONAL for belief -- even for the Pope.
Whether the Pope reveals the so-called Third Secret or not is meaningless. It does not matter. And whether he does or not is HIS business, not ours.
If the Pope says he consecrated Russia, he did.
we need to avoid the sin of scrupulosity in these matters thinking that if every dotted i is not dotted in the EXACT way some private individual thinks it should, then it ain't valid.
Whatever God had in mind for the messages of Fatima for the rest of us is up to THE CHURCH to decide and interpret, not self-proclaimed prophets of Fatima such as Father Gruner who cause dissension (which is a sin).
The only Revelation we need is PUBLIC REVELATION. All else is extraneous. While it might be useful and beneficial, it is not needed for devotion or salvation. Stop acting like it is.
As for the late Malachi Martin, this man has no credibility at all and has lead millions astray. This alleged journalism is the journalism of the National Enquirer style. The man was, in my opinion, a con artist who knew how to manipulate the public well to sell books.
By the way, when I get time, I will be doing a complete expose on Martin which will expose him as NOT a friend of the Church. This will not be based upon opinion, but proven fact.
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