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re:change churches by ritamalloy QUESTION from TammyG October 30, 1999 I read with interest this posting. I myself have been dealing with similar problems in our small parish. The closest church is an hour away. And there are days that I really want to just go to the new parish. Every time I start to entertain this thought, I realize that to leave would be to cut my cross short. God gives each one of us what we can bear. I can't leave this parish no matter how difficult it is to stay at times. It is like you said, if you leave then you are leaving Jesus alone with the abusers. Show them by example how to live the faith. I want to thank you for saying that if a person leaves that they are leaving Jesus with the abusers. It is a statement that I myself with take to heart and try to remember on those really rough days. May God bless you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius on November 5, 1999 Dear Miss Tammy:
Thank your for your comments and may God Bless you too.
It can be a rough road. I am reminded of something Mother Angelica of EWTN said once:
Satan promises you pleasure but ultimately will give you suffering. God promises suffering and offers you peace.
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