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Faith/Spirituality Forum: Opus Dei

by Catherine Frakas 25 Feb 2001

Opus Dei QUESTION from Gabriela on January 28, 2003 First of all Ii apologize for my english, it is not my first language and i tend to make many mistakes while expressing myself.... ( please feel free to edit my question, if it is necessary)
My question is related to the Opus Dei, I have heard that it is more than a sect than a real movement in the it a sect? and that in that it tends to be a fascist movement... i remember reading a quote of Escriva Balaguer where he seems to be on Hitler's side... saying that if Hitler is agaisnt communism so then he supports Hitler.... if this is true i dont understand why he is a saint now... considering all the atrocities that this man (Hitler) is responsible for....I also read things about their practices to get beatitud... ( like using something in their legs that provokes pain when they seat... sorry i dont know the name....)... is this all true? Thanks for your time, Gabriela
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 29, 2003 Dear Gabriela:
There is a lot of hatred toward Opus Dei. People hate Opus Dei because Opus Dei dares to live the radical Christ-life in the midst of secular life. People don't like that because it makes them look bad.
One of the biggest excuses people make for not living the Christ-life to the highest levels possible, is that they are too busy with jobs and kids and mowing the lawn and fixing the kitchen sink and on and on and on.
The laity of Opus Dei have proven that one can do all the things required of people to do with work and family and STILL do it and live their lives according to the radical counter-cultural economy of Jesus Christ.
Such organizations are attacked constantly.
Do not listen to the gossip and rumors and slanders. There is NO WAY that Opus Dei is fascist. That is an evil slander someone has spewed. Also do not take quotes out of context. If you read the quote from Saint Excriva from a website or magazine or artcle of a person who does not like Opus Dei then you can be assured that the quote is either a hoax or it has been misquoted or that it is quoted out of context in such a way to make it look as bad as possible. That is the nature of propaganda -- including the propaganda Hitler used. In fact, the tactics of misinformation and slander and propaganda used by Hitler are being used today be hate-mongers to attack Opus Dei.
Opus Dei's founder was just canonized a Saint. The Church does not canonize people who are not qualified for Sainthood. In fact, the requirements today to be canonized are very strict.
Opus Dei is a fine organization. Although all organizations are composed of men and men sin, and thus leaders can make poor decisions, this is true of all organizations. This does not indict the whole of the organization any more than a corrupt bishop or even a corrupt pope indicts the whole Church.
Ignore the rumors and hateful slanders. The Church oversees Opus Dei. Let the Church do her job.
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