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Chalice QUESTION from Ralph on January 10, 2003 At my parish we use glass chalices. is this permitted? What kind of chalice do you use in your chapel? God Bless. Ralph
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on January 16, 2003 Dear Ralph:
Litugical Law states:

Vessels should be made from materials that are solid and that in the particular region are regarded as noble. The conference of bishops will be the judge in this matter. But preference is to be given to materials that do not break easily or become unusable. --GIRM, 290 In the New Missal of 2000 the issue is more plain: vessels in which the bread and wine are offered, consecrated and consumed, (327) are to be made from noble metal.
I would not think that a glass chalice would be appropriate.

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