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Divorce/Mixed Marriage QUESTION from Jan on December 25, 2002 I am a single, never been married Roman Catholic and my boyfriend is a Lutheran. He is divorced from his wife who committed adultery. My question is in the Catholic Church, would he need to get an annulment before we were to get married? My desire is to get married in the Catholic Church and I want to make sure all of the correct steps are followed. Also, would there be a problem with him being Lutheran and myself being Roman Catholic? Thank you for your time
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 27, 2002 Dear Jan:
Thanks for writing.
The Church does not encourage mixed marriages since having one person Catholic and the other not can potentially influence the Catholic partner away from the Church, and even moreso, the children can become confused or may not grow up as solidly Catholic as they should.
But the Bishop may give permission for a mixed marriage.
As for your boyfriend who is Lutheran and had a previous marriage, yes, he most likely will have to apply for an annulment before you can be married. Check with your local parish priest and he can take the particulars to see if an annulment is needed.
If you do marry him, however, in order to get permission you must promise to remove any obsticles that might threaten your faith and lead you to leave the Church, the children MUST be raised Catholic, and the marriage must be a Catholic wedding (although the Lutheran minister can be present).
God Bless.
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