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Conversion without annulment? QUESTION from Catherine R. on December 1, 2002 I am a sponsor for a gentleman who is currently stressed out. He is going through O.C.I.A. classes to convert to Catholicism. He has been married once, and that marriage ended in divorce. He is stressing because he realizes he needs an to have an annulment to have a Catholic wedding, and that it will take longer than 6 months, so his wedding will need to be postponed.
However, this is the main problem: He has faithfully been attending his O.C.I.A. classes and doing the necessary reading. He is concerned that once Easter rolls around, he will not be able to receive Communion or Confirmation. As his sponsor, he has asked me for help. I didn't think the divorce itself should prevent him from converting, since he hadn't remarried, and that all should be well come Easter. However, I do not want to give him any incorrect information about the status of his possible conversion. Can you help? Thank you
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on December 21, 2002 Dear Catherine:
You are correct. As long has he is not remarried at the time of confirmation, he may be received into full communion with the Church -- no problem.
Afterwards, if he wishes to marry then the annulment is needed, depending on the particulars, before he can marry in the Church and remain a Catholic in good standing. Most annulments take about a year depending on the diocese so he should apply right away. He can apply for the annulment right now even though not yet confirmed.
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