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Regnum Christi QUESTION from Pam on November 4, 2002 A neighboring parish hosts many functions lead by Regnum Christi. I've attended classes, mini-retreats, etc. and am very impressed by this movement. I very much admire the ladies in this movement and immediately wanted to be part of this. My husband did not want me to and so I've patiently waited and prayed allowing the Holy Spirit to guide us. I am Catholic but my husband is Baptist. There is much about Catholism he does not understand. I answer his questions as best as I can, when he asks. His attention span is not long so my answers must be short and to the point which, as a woman, is difficult for me.
Since he was not at all agreeable, I wrote my letter of commitment and filled out the registration form (name, address, etc) and have just held it waiting. It's been six months now since I first spoke to my husband about this and since that time our marriage is better and I feel we are closer and I feel he is more receptive to this for me. He recently agreed I would attend a weekend silent retreat put on by Regnum Christi in Jan(this is a very big step for him). But now that he is warming up to my doing this, I'm pulling back. I don't know if this is what Our Lord wants me to do, and, ultimately, that is what I want, whatever, Our Lord wants. I've prayed about it, but still I just don't know. Do you know much about Regnum Christi? How will I really know if this is what I should do?
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on November 8, 2002 Dear Pam:
Regnum Christi is a fine organization. You should have no reservations about attending.
You can view their website at: Regnum Christi
Oftentimes when we are about to make improvements in our Christian life, involve ourselves in things that will facilitate spiritual growth, the enemy will place doubts and misgivings in our minds.
In my opinion, I cannot think of any reason why the Lord would steer you away from this fine organization.
As the Lord to remove from you any negative influences that may be inspiring these thoughts, and see what happens. I think you will find that God would be pleased at your attendance at the Regnum Christi meetings.
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