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Apparitions - Bayside, NY QUESTION from Michael on October 25, 2002 I am well aware that the Catholic faithful are not required to accept personal revelations or apparitions, even when they are approved by the Church (such as the revelations associated with Lourdes).
I am also well aware that approval for a particular apparition takes a long time, longer than the lifespan of some humans!
I have only recently been made aware of the revelations at Bayside, New York. According to this incredibly voluminous website (, the seer connected with the Bayside apparitions received an incredible amount of personal revelations. No one can read all of that information in a short amount of time... but what of it I have read, I cannot discern a hint of heresy.
My question is this... if you are aware of Bayside, would you please give me some reasons why I should ignore these revelations? There is certainly mystery enshrouding the Church's investigation of these revelations, but they appear to warrant some sort of attention.
Thank you for your assistance!
And thank you for all of your work.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 29, 2002 Dear Michael:
Yes, I can give you a reason to not only avoid Bayside, but to run from it as fast you can.
There are NUMEROUS doctrinal errors in the Bayside messages. She has even alleged that an imposter held the Office of Pope for pete sake.
In addition this so-called seer of Bayside has behaved in EXACTLY the way a fraud behaves. She is in direct rebellion against her bishop and all when the bishop denounced her, all of a sudden Mary allegedly supports this false seer against the legitimate deicions of the bishop? This is unheard of among legitimate apparitions. The Blessed Mary would NEVER encourage rebellion against the local ordinary.
Even at Lourdes where their was opposition to whether little Bernadette was telling the truth or not and the apparition site was fenced off and locked, little Bernadette NEVER even DREAMED of being disobedient to the Bishop, but allowed Mary to take care of it. The Bishop challenged Mary in a tough way and convinced the bishop.
The Bayside fraud has been going on for close to two decades and all we see is continued rebellion and the fabricating of messages from Mary to justify their rebellion and a gross misinterpretation of Church documents to try to invalidate the Bishop's decision.
This is NOT the behavior of a genuine seer.
The Church has OFFICIALLY condemned Bayside and no Catholic is to have anything to do with it or even to read their material.
Here is the declaration of the bishop: Click Here
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