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demon or spirits QUESTION from Stackers on October 5, 2002 I have had a feeling of a very powerful presence in my home. I have even heard voices. They have been very clear when they speak and other times they whisper. Last night I feel like I was attacked. Some one or something was holding me down in my bed and I could hardly move. All I could do was pray to Jesus to get rid of them. I prayed as hard as I could. Then the experience was over suddenly. Bu I am still very frightened. Have you heard of any one else experiencing this type of thing, if so what could it be?
God Bless
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 9, 2002 Dear Mr. Stacker:
This question belongs on the Spiritual Warfare Forum so I am transferring it to that forum.
God Bless.
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