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Faith/Spirituality Forum: Attending RCIA

by Catherine Frakas 21 Jul 2001

Attending RCIA QUESTION from Judy on September 18, 2002 Hello! I am currently attending RCIA in order to convert to the Catholic faith. I was raised Baptist, and baptised in the baptist church. I have always had a strong desire to learn more of the Catholic faith since I was little, and had many Catholic friends. I always pushed it to the back of my mind and put it off. I married two years ago into a Catholic family. My husband was raised Catholic and his mother and sisters are very strong Catholic women. The more I learn of the Catholic faith, and the more I feel my strength and beliefs grow in my faith, I am having problems with how to deal with those in my life who do not share my faith, or are supposed to be true catholics but really are not. What is hard for me is that my husband holds money, and material things higher than he holds his faith. He places too much importance on his bank account, and how much debt he has, and does not place any importance on his faith, or the church. He does not attend church at all. Though his mother and his sisters go a number of times a week to Mass. He has no desire to go. He doesnt mind that I am attending RCIA..and my oldest son who is 4 is now attending his CCD classes. But when asked why he doesn't go, he says he doesnt need too and that he works too hard during the week and needs his rest How do you deal with trying to grow in your own faith and learn the true religion/beliefs of the Holy Trinity when you have those close to you that do the opposite???? Thanks so much for your input.
In addition, my mother seems to have a problem with me converting to the Catholic faith. She keeps asking me for explanation as to why I am doing this..yet I can not explain my feelings to her in words that would make sense..I just KNOW this is something I am supposed to do. She says the biggest problem she has with the Catholic faith is their devotion to Mary. My mother (who was raised attending Pentecostal Holiness churches)says you do not need to go through Mary to reach Jesus..that you can talk to Jesus directly, you dont need Mary to do that. How should I respond to that??? Thanks again.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on September 24, 2002 Dear Judy:
First let me welcome you to the Church.
As far as your husband is concerned the best thing you can do is to be a good Catholic and to pray for him. You can gently encourage him to come to Mass with you, but nagging will rarely work. The best thing is to be the best model of Catholicism you can be and to reamin in continual prayer for him.
You may want to ask for the intercession of St. Monica. She prayed and prayed for her wayward son. Her persistence paid off eventually and a couple of months before her death her son came back to God. Her son was St. Augustine -- one of the greatest saints in history.
Persevere in faith and prayer.
As for growing in your own spiritual life when all around you are hostile or at least not encouraging can be tough. But remember to keep your eyes on Jesus.
Remember the story in the Bible when Jesus came to the Apostles in the boat. Jesus was walking on water and Peter, unsure if it was Jesus, asked him, If it is you Lord allow me to come out onto the water and meet you.
Jesus granted his request and Peter actaully WALKED on the water -- until -- until he saw the storm all around him and he took his eyes off Jesus. Then be began to sink.
If we keep on eyes on Jesus, we can persevere even when all around us are trying to hold us back.
Go to Mass every Sunday, try to go to some daily masses, be sure to go to adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, read the bible, develop devotions, say the rosary or other prayers, and keep your eyes on Jesus.
As for the old song about Mary. Mary is an intercessor. That is no different than when we ask each other to pray for each other. If these people who think you can go straight to Jesus and that is all you need, then why do they ask their friends to pray for them?
The Blessed Mother is a friend that we ask to pray for us.
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