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RCIA for Catholics?? QUESTION from Barbara on August 5, 2002 Hello,
I am wondering why Catholics who have been absent from the Church for a long time do have to go through some type of re-education on the faith.
Perhaps it is only in my parish, but I have seen many who have been through multiple divorces, led atheistic lives, etc, be welcomed back to the Eucharistic table immediately, while good, faithful Christians, who have led devout live, albeit in another faith, have to go through year long processes.
Can you help me out here? Thanks!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 14, 2002 Dear Barbara:
Sure, you as a Catholic can attend the RCIA classes as a refresher. Many Cahtolics do this.
In the RCIA Class that I was in when I converted half the class were cradle Catholics.
There are many other resources available too, such as this website,,,, Knights of Columbus bible studies, Fr. Hardon's Catechetical courses at
God Bless
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