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celebrant singers QUESTION from John on July 15, 2002 Dear Brother John-Paul
What can you tell me about a Contemporary Christian music group called Jon Stemkoski's Celebrant Singers?
I note from their website that they have apparently been lauded by Mother Theresa, had an audience with Pope John Paul and have performed in such places as St. Peter's Square and World Youth Day in Denver. They seem to direct their ministry to Catholics and perform frequently in Catholic venues. However, they state that they are a non-denominational music ministry, and I've been unable to find information on the church affiliation of any of their team members. Their advertising avoids association with any specifically Catholic spirituality in favor of a more or less generic personal Christianity. Their programs revolve around performance of evangelical Christian songs and the sharing of personal testimony. I have attended one and there was nothing culturally Catholic about it; it was entirely Bible Christian in tone and presentation.
Perhaps they are truly non-denominational and simply aim to promote love of Jesus, a laudable enough cause in itself, trusting the Spirit to lead the seeker into the salvific fullness of His Church. It seems curmudgeonly to question their motives if they are indeed supportive of the Catholic faith, but one would think that if they are they would be willing to say so, whereas if they are not, then Catholics ought to be aware of this. It is not my intention to cast any cloud over the evangelistic efforts of a group faithful to Mother Church. But this organization seems somewhat ambiguous and I simply seek some clarification.
Any light you can shed would be welcome.
Thanks you and God bless you.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on July 22, 2002 Dear John:
I know nothing of this music group.
But the Church officially teaches that we are to interpretly POSITIVELY another persons actions and words unless the direct evidence indicates otherwise.
I would imagine that the group remains uncommitted to any religious groups precisely so they may, as you put it, promote love of Jesus ... trusting the Spirit to lead the seeker into the salvific fullness of His Church
By not getting into denominationals differences they are free to sing and praise Jesus before everyone, from the Pope to Oral Roberts, leaving the details to the Holy Spirit and the evangelism to the local churches.
Perhaps their is merely a message to inspire those to JESUS. The rest of us will fill in the details.
That is a noble cause.
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