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Thank You QUESTION from Mrs. Frank Lee on April 16, 2002 Dear Brother John Paul Ignatius: This is only a note to thank you for all you do to share the truth of our Catholic Faith. I did not know you had gotten your Q & A forums up and running again, and I am so happy to see that they are again doing this good work. I have referred people to your website for answers to their questions, so I will keep praying that you are able to continue this holy task. We Catholics who are being confronted with so much untruth really need sources like St. Michael's Call. Thank you and may our dear Lord bless all you do, for His glory and for the salvation of his people. Sincerely, Mrs. Frank Lee
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on May 18, 2002 Dear Mrs. Lee:
Thank you for your kinds remarks and especially for your prayers.
As you can see, I am behind again in answering questions. This is due to illness. I am feeling a little better now and am trying to catch up, but my illness is unpredictible.
I appreciate your prayers that I may be able to maintian this ministry and be able to better make timely responses.
God Bless.
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