Faith/Spirituality Forum: divisive labelling within parishes

divisive labelling within parishes QUESTION from joseph smith andrews September 29, 2001 Dear Brother: How does one handle a common practice in my diocese (and I am sure many others) where loyal Catholics who stand up for the Church's magesterium, and in particularly, stay faithful to our present Holy Father's Teachings, are labeled right wing or ultra-conservative or fanatical? It all seems so unfair! God bless you and your ministry!
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on October 10, 2001 Dear Mr. Andrews:
Well, I say that there is only one kind of Catholic -- an orthodox Catholic who is loyal and obedient to the Pope and Magisterium in union with the Pope and who practices orthopraxy and the Christ-life under the guidance of the Church. Those who set themselves aside or above this are not loyal Catholics.
Otherwise, shake your head and pray for these poor deluded people.
A oneliner response is: Well, if that label means that I am loyal and obedient to the Pope as Jesus asked us to be, Thank you.
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