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could a rosary be cursed QUESTION from Eli August 25, 2001 I am a practicing Catholic, active in my parish, pray the rosary daily and try to attend mass daily. God has been very good to me, gotten me thru some hard times.
Beginning last Oct my family and I began having a real run of bad things happen, financial, problems, personality conflicts, stabbing, an unusual hostility and at times explosive anger at home. I have felt a darkness that won't go away and often have suicidal thoughts. It doesn't seem like ordinary depression.
There is a woman in my parish who has severe emotional problems. She comes to daily mass, sits in the front row, but won't recieve communion. I befriended her last summer, tried to encourage her to see a catholic counselor, because she would call me up, crying and saying blasphemous things. This woman turned against me as she has others who have tried to help her. She speaks against me, tells people I have ruined her life. I sense her hatred for me, but pray for her.
Last October, she strangely befriended my 12 year old daughter and insisted on making her a special rosary which my daughter gave to me. I had a bad feeling about accepting something made by a person who hates me. but as it came from my daugther, I accepted it graciously, put it in a drawer, haven't prayed with it. Is it possible that this woman put some kind of a curse on the rosary and thats what started the trouble. I feel guilty even asking that about something like a rosary. United in prayer
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 29, 2001 Dear Miss Elisa:
This question really should be in the Spiritual Warfare Forum, but I will go ahead and answer it here.
From what you are describing the woman you speak of may very well be demonized. Her turning on you when you tried to help is very typical. It is also possible she has a psychiatric problem, but the demonic can be involved to.... and for your purposes you need to take the most cautious course for the sake of your daughter and your family.
I would recommend that this woman be forbidden to contact or have any relationship with your daughter whatsoever.
I would also recommend that you take the rosary that this woman gave your daughter and destroy it, take it apart, wash it in Holy Water, and throw it away. Do the same to ANYTHING else this woman may have given to your daughter or to you.
Then say a prayer of blessing over your house (with Holy Water), and your child. Some of the prayers found in our Spiritual Warfare Prayer Catalog may be of use.
And, pray for this woman, but have nothing more to do with her directly.
Oh, the answer to your question, can a rosary be cursed? yes
We will be in prayer for you and your family; and for this woman.
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