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conversion after divorce with kids QUESTION from Lyn August 18, 2001 I am in the process of a divorce from man who doesn't believe in God. I was raised lutheran but am looking for a structured community to help me build strong moral character for my two girls. I have always been drawn to the Catholic Church due to it's strong community support and outreach programs. Is there some way that the church would allow my girls and I to go through the conversion process together? Where do I get more information? I am hoping that this will help us all with healing and bring us closer as a family unit. Thank you for your web site, time and consideration.
ANSWER by John-Paul Ignatius, OLSM on August 19, 2001 Dear Miss Lyn:
Praise God that you are considering the Catholic Church. You will not regret it. The Catholic Church is a beautiful community of believers and has all the richness of ancient wisdom dating back to Christ Himself.
As for your girls and yourself to go through the process together, I cannot answer your question as yuo did not mention the age of yoru girls. The classes for adults, called RCIA, to help adults convert are designed for adults. There is another set of classes for children. It is also possible to receive private instructions.
Maybe you could attend the children's class as wel as your own class of RCIA?
In any event, talk to your parish pastor about it.
We will be praying for you and praise God that you are converting to His Church.
God Bless.
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